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Charles de Lint
Art: Tom Canty
Jack of Kinrowan
Tor/Orb (omnibus, trade paperback, 412 pages, $14.95/$21 Can)
Publication date: July 14, 1999

Omnibus collection of two of de Lint's most popular early novels, Jack the Giant Killer and its sequel, Drink Down the Moon. "An acknowledged classic of contemporary fantasy, Jack of Kinrowan brings together in one volume Charles de Lint's rollicking saga of wild faerie magic on the streets of the city. A faceless gang of bikers on a Wild Hunt through the streets of present day Ottawa hurtles young Jacky Rowan across the threshold into the perilous land of Faerie. There, to her dismay, she is hailed as the Jack of Kinrowan, a once-and-future trickster hero whose lot it is to save the Elven Courts from unimaginable evil. Once the realm of Faerie drew its power from the Moon herself. But now a ghastly creature has stolen that power and enslaved the Fair Folk -- and Jacky Rowan herself. Only Johnny Faw, a handsome young fiddler unaware of his magical gifts, has the power to set them free."
Art: Terri Windling
Moonlight and Vines
Tor (hardcover, collection, 384 pages, $24.95 US/$34.95 Can)
Publication date: January 7, 1999

New collection of stories set in the imaginary Canadian city of Newford, from the author of Moonheart. "Familiar to Charles de Lint's ever-growing audience as the setting of the novels Memory and Dream, Trader, and Someplace to Be Flying, Newford is the quintessential North American city, tough and streetwise on the surface and rich with hidden magic for those who can see. Now de Lint returns to this extraordinary city for a third volume of stories set there, including many never before published in book form. Here is enchantment under a streetlamp: the landscape of urban North America as only Charles de Lint can show it."
Tor/Orb (reprint, trade paperback, 384 pages, $14.95 US)
Publication date: September 1, 1998 (First Printing: 1988)

Handsome reprint of de Lint's fine early novel of magic and legend in the Canadian woods. "Not far from the city there is an ancient wood, forgotten by the modern world, where Mystery walks in the moonlight. He wears the shape of a stag, or a goat, or a horned man wearing a cloak of leaves. He is summoned by the music of the pipes or a fire of bones on Midsummer's Evening. He is chased by the hunt and shadowed by the wild girl. When he touches your dreams, your life will never be the same again.."
[Cover] Someplace To Be Flying
Tor hard cover
Major new novel from Canada's master fantasist, who is no doubt growing a little weary by now of having the label "urban fantasy" tagged to everything he does. When Lily and Hank investigate the bizarre rumours of "animal people" living in the city's darkest slums, they stumble onto a drama far greater than they expected. For the city's oldest inhabitants, those the Native Americans call the First People -- the Crow Girls, Raven, Fox, and even Coyote the Trickster -- are involved in a secret war for the city's mythic soul. And nothing is quite as it appears...
[Cover] Yarrow
Tor/Orb trade paper
One of De Lint's (Moonheart, Memory and Dream) early urban fantasies is reprinted in an attractive new format. Cat Midhir made a reputation for herself as a Canadian fantasy writer -- except the stories of the Otherworld she told weren't fantasy at all...
[Cover] Trader
Tor hard cover
The much-anticipated latest from Ottawa's fantasy master. Tor has had the first five chapters online for several months, building up considerable excitement. Have a look for yourself.
[Cover] The Ivory and the Horn
Tor paperback
A new collection of Newford stories, it's as good as Dreams Underfoot (its predecessor) or better (do you have an opinion?)
[Cover] Memory and Dream
Charles de Lint
Tor paperback
Here is the first Newford novel in paperback, enjoy a dark urban fantasy by the master.


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