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Gordon R. Dickson
Way of the Pilgrim
Tor (reprint, trade paperback, 448 pages, $15 US)
Publication date: July 9, 1999 (First Edition: 1987)

A standalone novel of alien conquest from the author of the Dorsai series. "Earth has been conquered by a powerful alien race. Shane, a profoundly gifted human linguist, has spent his life learning the aliens' language--and learning it so well that his interstellar masters, old hands at enslaving planets, come to value him as a servant. But Shane has a terrible secret. One day, in a rebellious moment, he invented the Pilgrim, a mysterious figure who incites rebellion all over Earth and vanishes unseen, leaving a distinctive graffiti tag behind him. Now the human underground is preparing to rebel. Shane knows exactly how hopeless their rebellion will be. And he knows just as well that he will be unable to keep himself from taking part..."
Art: Julie Bell
The Dragon in Lyonesse (Dragon and the George, Volume 6)
Tor (hardcover, 381 pages, $25.95/$35.95 Can)
Publication date: October 28, 1998

Latest in the light-hearted fantasy series that began with The Dragon and the George. Twentieth-century mathematician Jim Eckert was once a college math professor. Thrown into the fourteenth century, he is now Baron James of Malencontri, in a world of magic and splendor -- and where he has a secret identity as a powerful shape-shifting dragon. When Jim discovers that the Earl of Cumberland intends to march against him, and that Lyonesse (the land under the sea where Old Magic, King Arthur and Morgan le Fay abide) is threatened by Dark Powers, it's time once again to saddle up with his loyal sidekick Sir Brian Neville-Smythe, Hob the hobgoblin, and a magical questing beast, to confront the forces of darkness.
[Cover] The Dragon and the Gnarly King
Seventh volume in the light-hearted series that began with The Dragon and the George and The Dragon Knight. When the King of the Gnarlies kidnaps Jim Eckert's adopted son Robert, Sir Jim must once again assume the shape of a Dragon to rescue him. But it's not long before he finds himself deeply involved in a magical battle.
[Cover] Other
A sequel to 1991's Young Bleys, this is the latest novel in the Childe Cycle.
The Final Encyclopedia, Volume 2
Second volume of the monumental finale to the Dorsai series. Volume One was released last month.
The Final Encyclopedia, Volume 1
First half of the climactic novel in the classic Dorsai series that first began with The Genetic General (1960) [revised as Dorsai! (1976)]. Out of nowhere come the Others, and in a few short years they gain control of most settled worlds. Into this apocalyptic time is thrown Hal Mayne, destined to be mankind's champion. Grand ol' space opera in the tradition of Foundation.

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