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Paul Di Filippo
[Cover] Fractal Paisleys
Four Walls Eight Windows hard cover
An unusual and offbeat collection of ten funky SF tales from the author of Cipher and The Steampunk Trilogy -- "alternate world" stories with a humorous touch by a writer considered by some to be one of the funniest and most original at work today.
[Cover] The Steampunk Trilogy
Four Walls Eight Windows rade paperback
These three neo-Victorian, twisted novellas are vintage Di Filippo. In Victoria, a young Queen Vic disappears from the throne, replace by a sexy human/newt clone. Walt and Emily imagines a pairing of Emily Dickinson and Walt Whitman. And in Hottentots, original to this volume, turn-of-the-century Massachusetts is menaced by H. P. Lovecraft-style monsters... and Hottentots. "The literary equivalent of Max Ernst's collages of 19th century steel-engravings, spooky, haunting, hilarious." -- William Gibson.
[Cover] Ribofunk
Four Walls Eight Windows hard cover
Okay, it's a little older, but we're seeing it for the first time and we're on a roll with Paul Di Filippo, so no harm, no foul. While Cyberpunk concentrated on cold hardware, Di Filippo coined "ribofunk" by fusing "ribosome" (as in cellular biology) with "funk" (as in rock and roll). In the thirteen stories collected here (two previously unpublished), "biology is a cutting-edge science, where the Protein Police patrol for renegade gene splicers and part-human sea creatures live in Lake Superior, dealing with toxic spills. Ribofunk depicts a sentient river; a sultry bodyguard who happens to be part wolverine; a reluctant thrill seeker who climbs a skyscraper -- and finds himself stuck; and a chain-smoking Peter Rabbit who leads his fellows in a bloody rebellion."
Cambrian Publications (trade paperback)
Latest offering from the talented author of Ribofunk, The Steampunk Trilogy, and Destroy All Brains!.

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