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Kipton and the Christmas Gift
Charles L. Fontenay
Royal Fireworks Press trade paper
SF and Christmas both share the right touch of fantasy. Another gift idea.
[Cover] Exit to Reality
Edith Forbes
Seal Press hard cover
It is 3,000 A.D. and poverty, disease, and war have been eliminated -- and so have such blemishes as pollution and family dysfunction. But for Lydian, an information analyst, it hasn't rid the world of boredom and dis-satisfaction, and after a chance encounter with a mysterious stranger named Merle she finds herself swept up into an affair that offers the excitement she's been missing. For Merle somehow lives outside the world's regimented culture, and is capable of altering both his form and gender. The newest novel from the author of Alma Rose and Nowle's Passing.
The Physiognomy
Jeffrey Ford
Avon EOS (reprint, paperback, 244 pages, $3.99 US/$3.99 Canada)
Publication date: July 8, 1998

A noted first novel from a bright new talent, which The New York Times Book Review called "A modern allegory in the manner of Franz Kafka." "In the land of the Well-Built City, study of the body's shape can determine a person's character, uncover his deepest secrets, even foretell the future. And in the hands of an expert like Physiognomist First Class Cley, this solemn intelligence delivers perfect justice from which fortunes are claimed or lost, careers are shaped or shattered, lives are continued or cut away. A man who commands such forces may ignore nearby dark pools of arrogance and corruption -- but only for a time. Very soon, Cley will discover the truth about himself and his profession, as his whole world of privilege dissolves into a nightmarish odyssey, careening toward a fate not even the great physiognomist can predict." Note the special introductory price.
From the End of the Twentieth Century
John M. Ford
NESFA PRESS hard cover
From the World Fantasy Award winning author of The Dragon Waiting.
Books by Elizabeth Forrest
Judy Yorke
The Pool of Two Moons (Witches of Eileanan Trilogy, Book II)
Kate Forsyth
Roc (paperback, 557 pages, $6.99/$8.99 Can)
Publication date: March 1, 1999

The sequel to Forsyth's promising debut, The Witches of Eileanan. "Meghan o' the Beasts and her young charge Isabeau are now outcasts in a land where magic has been outlawed. But the pair are soon separated, and Isabeau is wounded by witchfinders, and saved by a group of samaritans. Meghan sets out to find Isabeau's warrior-trained twin, Iseult, and a missing prince living under an ancient curse. Separately, the two parties must make their way through a land where magic is punished by death, seeking allies to spread the news -- that the Witches are returning, and the Queen and her evil must fall."
The Witches of Eileanan Review by Regina Lynn Preciado
The Witches of Eileanan
Kate Forsyth
Roc (paperback, 416 pages, $6.99 US/$8.99 Canada)
Publication date: July 1998

First time author Forsyth presents the first volume of a promising fantasy series, set in a world populated with mesmerds, nyxes, fairgean, cluricauns, and many other magical creatures... each with its own unique abilities and unusual characteristics. Well worth a look. "In the Celtic land of Eileanan, witches and magic have been outlawed, and those caught for practicing witchcraft are put to death. It is a land ruled by an evil Queen, where sea-dwelling Fairgean stir, and children vanish in the night. But in a valley deep in the mountains, young Isabeau grows to womanhood under the guidance of an elderly witch, and must set out on a quest, carrying the last hopes of the persecuted witches." Second installment due in June of 1999.
Art: San Julian
A Band of Brothers (The Lost Regiment, Number 7)
William R. Forstchen
Roc (paperback, 318 pages, $6.99/$8.99 Can)
Publication date: January 1, 1999

Forstchen, who co-authored 1945 with Newt Gingrich, began The Lost Regiment series with Battle Cry, re-issued in 1997. In it Union Colonel Andrew Keane and his band of loyal soldiers stumbled through a space-time warp into a distant alien world where their rifles were centuries ahead of the local human ordinance, but where they also found themselves up against the cruel Bantaag, creatures who considered humans mere cattle. Forstchen followed the first volume with Union Forever and Terrible Swift Sword, and three others in quick succession. With the seventh volume, it's now been over ten years since the members of the Union 35th Main regiment began their struggle and established a Republic on the world of Valennia -- but they still cling as strongly as ever to the ideas of democracy and freedom.
[Cover] Never Sound Retreat (The Lost Regiment #6)
William R. Forstchen
Roc paperback
It's now been 10 years since the members of the Union 35th Main regiment found their battle in the American Civil War interrupted, as they were transported from the battlefields of Earth to a distant world to serve as slaves to an alien race. But a battle for freedom is still a battle for freedom, and they're not ready to surrender yet.
Battle Hymn
William R. Forstchen
Penguin/ROC paperback
More military SF from the ROC line.
[Cover] Saturn Rukh
Robert L. Forward
Tor hard cover
Dr. Forward could be a character in one of his own novels. According to his home page, "Dr. Robert L. Forward is a consulting scientist, future technologist, lecturer, and science fact and science fiction writer. He is Owner and Chief Scientist of Forward Unlimited, a consulting firm established in 1962, specializing in exotic physics and advanced space propulsion, and Partner and Chief Scientist of Tethers Unlimited, a partnership formed in 1994 with Dr. Robert P. Hoyt, specializing in highly-survivable space tethers."
Saturn Rukh is his latest novel. Other recent books include Indistinguishable From Magic and Rescued from Paradise, which he co-authored with Julie Forward Fuller.
[Cover] Camelot 30K
Robert L. Forward
Tor paperback
Intelligent life is discovered in the Oort Cloud and mankind makes first contact with an alien race that will alter our perceptions of the universe. The author is always good for hard SF but one has to wonder why it took 3 years for it to be done in paperback.
[Cover] Villans By Necessity
Eve Forward
Tor paperback
When the Final Battle against Darkness is won and good triumphs, what the heck do the bad guys do? A charming, well-thought out story that is not half as silly as it sounds.
Books by Alan Dean Foster
[Cover] Season of the Storm
Ellen Foxe
DAW paperback
This is volume two of The Summerlands and the sequel to Season of Shadows.
Art: Ciruelo Cabral
Vengeance Moon (The Wild Hunt, Volume 1)
Jocelin Foxe
Avon EOS (paperback, 312 pages, $3.99 US/$3.99 Can)
Publication date: August 5, 1998

The first volume in a new fantasy series from new writer "Jocelin Foxe" (Linda Reames Fox and Joyce Cottrell) is also the latest to benefit from Avon EOS' introductory pricing policy of $3.99 a copy in the US and Canada. There hasn't been a better deal for quality fiction lovers since movies were fifty cents. Buy three copies, and give them to friends. According to reviewer Gina Preciado: "If you like a blend of complex schemes, large casts of characters, and political intrigue, with romance sprinkled on top for flavour, you're gonna like this first novel. In a long-ago time, the Three Goddesses -- Elun, Enath, and Anchytel -- created the Wild Hunt as a punishment. The Goddesses called these men the Wild Hunt and bound them to perform any task set them by one who summoned them in the Goddesses' names at the full moon... Perhaps the most refreshing aspect of Vengeance Moon is how unpredictable it is... The plot twists like Chubby Checker on a double espresso. And like all good fiction, this novel is a mystery as much as it is a fantasy."
Review by Regina Lynn Preciado
Art: Peter Gudynas
George Foy
Bantam Spectra (reprint, paperback, 439 pages, $6.50 US/$9.99 Can)
Publication date: January 12, 1999 (First Edition: May 1997)

New novel of near-future noir by the author of The Shift. "A smuggler living in a Manhattan of the near future confronts a mysterious, repressive power known as Tonton and embarks on a mission to locate a legendary author who can liberate the world from Tonton's power." "Foy has filled out his future with even more outrageous just-around-the-corner pop culture than he did in The Shift... This is fun with a point, SF a la P.J. O'Rourke -- humor covering anger, dismay transmuted into sharp tongued satire." -- Locus.
[Cover] The Shift
George Foy
Bantam Spectra paperback
Manhattan soap opera writer Alex Munn creates a virtual reality serial killer, the Fishman. But it's not Alex's ratings that'll get boosted when this Jack the Ripper clone escapes into the real world.
[Cover] The Abductors: Conspiracy
Jonathan Frakes
Tor hard cover
Book One of a new series from Star Trek's William T. Riker. A search for a missing teen uncovers an extraterrestrial plot to infiltrate humanity, prelude to a secret invasion. Detective Richard McCallum must overcome his initial disbelief to do battle with the enigmatic alien Klar.
[Cover] Daughter of Troy
Sarah B. Franklin
Avon trade paper
More historical romance than traditional fantasy, Daughter of Troy is a modern retelling of Homer's The Iliad, and the debut novel of "Sarah Franklin" (a.k.a. Canadian author David Duncan). Briseis was born the rightful Queen of Lyrnessos, seer and spokesperson of the gods. Achilles was born and promptly dunked underwater in the river Styx, but overcame a soggy beginning to become the greatest of Greek warriors. When Lyrnessos is crushed in the early days of the Trojan war, its people are enslaved and Briseis is given as a prize to Prince Achilles... and so begins one of the great tragic romances of antiquity.
A Legend Reborn
Steven Frankos
Ace paperback
The final volume of The Wheel trilogy. With the Elixer of Life finally in his grasp, it now remains for Aitchley Corlaiys to resurrect Vedette's greatest warrior, and bring hope to his home again.
Michael Whelan
This Alien Shore
C.S. Friedman
Roc (reprint, paperback, 564 pages, $6.99/$8.99 Can)
Publication date: June, 1999 (First Edition: September, 1998)

A New York Times Notable Book of the Year from the author of the Coldfire trilogy. "It is the second age of space colonization. Humanity's initial attempt to people the stars ended in disaster when the original super-luminal drive did lasting genetic damage to all who used it - permanently mutating Earth's far-flung colonists in mind and body. Abandoned by their home planet, exiles in alien star systems, these variant humans had no choice but to survive any way they could. Jamisia has always lived in Shido Habitat, a corporate satellite in Earth's outer orbit. Protected by her biological brain-ware systems, and accompanied by the many voices in her head, she has grown into a resourceful, if unusual, young woman. When Shido is viciously attacked by corporate raiders, Jamisia's tutor risks his life to smuggle her onto a ship bound for the nearest ainniq - the Gueran jump station to the Up-and-Out. But before he dies, he tells her something which rocks the foundation of her world - the raiders were searching for her..."
[Cover] Imposter
Valerie J. Freireich
Penguin/Roc paperback
The author of Becoming Human, Testament and The Beacon offers an unusual novel of clashing cultures, and a man who finds himself outside both. Marcer Brice is an Altered Human, which both gives him a special ability and makes him different enough to be banished from the Polite Harmony of Worlds. But in the Emirates, a culture of fanatics ruled by cruel, beautiful woman worshipped like angels and their male offspring, called the Sons, Marcer stumbles upon a secret far more dangerous than the looming intergalactic war.
[Testament] Testament
Valerie Freireich
Roc paperback
An outcast struggles against society - sequel to Becoming Human.
The VMR Theory
Robert Frezza
Ballantine Del Rey paperback
If you enjoyed McLendon's Syndrome, then join Ken MacKay in this sequel as he experiences life in space aboard a cargo scow.
Books by Michael Jan Friedman
[Cover] Crown of Shadows
C. S. Friedman
DAW paperback
Eagerly anticipated final volume in the Coldfire Trilogy Doesn't that have a wonderful sound to it--final. Takes real guts these days to just finish it off properly at three.
[Cover] Star Trek The Next Generation: To Storm Heaven
Esther Friesner
Pocket paperback
The author of Psalms of Herod, Mustapha and His Wise Dog, and Alien Pregnant by Elvis brings us Star Trek The Next Generation novel No. 46. "When Lelys, ambassador of the plague-ridden colony planet of Orakisa, approaches the Federation seeking help for her dying world, the "U.S.S. Enterprise" speeds to the rescue. The ambassador and the Away Team are initially welcomed, but then endangered. As the "Enterprise" officers make their way through a web of planet-wide intrigue, time is running out for the people of Orakisa and the inhabitants of all their sister-worlds as well."
[Cover] Home
Kimberly A. Fuller
Tor hard cover
A young adult novel and an SF debut for Fuller. A space traveller escapes extermination when ruthless invaders colonize his planet, wandering for years before returning to claim his world. And when a mysterious trail in the night sky causes 17-year-old Maran Thopel and her friends to investigate, their lives are changed forever.
Circle Of One
Eric James Fullilove
Bantam Spectra paperback
Jenny Sixa has an unusual but handy talent for a homicide detective: a telepathic gift that allows her to read the final thoughts of victims. When a series of murders put her talents to use again, she finds her own name in the final thoughts of three dead women, and discovers a very personal interest in finding this killer.

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