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David Feintuch
Steve Youll
Patriarch's Hope (The Seafort Saga, Book 6)
Warner Aspect (hardcover, 488 pages, $24/$33 Can)
Publication date: May 12, 1999

Most folks (me included) thought Feintuch had ended the tale of Nicholas Seafort with the fifth volume of his Seafort Saga in 1996, Voices of Hope. Looks like we were wrong. "Nicholas Seafort, Secretary General of the UN, is fiercely determined to clean up the planet, despite the fact that his plans clash head on with his beloved UN Navy's mission to colonize the stars."
[Cover] The Still
Warner Aspect
The newest volume by the author of The Seafort Saga. Prince Rodrigo is young, energetic, and heir to the throne of Caledon. He's also on the list to receive the most powerful magic in the kingdom, provided the scheming uncle waiting in the wings will let that happen. To reclaim his empire will require that he learn courage, statesmanship, and how to fight. Epic Fantasy. Come 'n get it.
Voices of Hope
Warner Aspect
The concluding volume brings it to five, following Midshipman's Hope, Challenger's Hope, Prisoner's Hope, and Fisherman's Hope. Praised by some as the best miltary SF in the last decade, the series has always been fun.
[Cover] Fisherman's Hope
Warner Aspect
Next to final volume in the hot-selling series that has been compared to Heinlein's Starship Troopers and Card's Ender's Game. Horatio Hornblower in Space is more like it.
[Cover] Prisoner's Hope
Warner Aspect
The third installment in the hot selling series (Fisherman's Hope to follow).

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