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Alan Dean Foster
Keith Parkinson
Carnivores of Light and Darkness (Journeys of the Catechist, Book 1)
Warner/Aspect (reprint, paperback, 356 pages, $6.50/$8.50 Can)
Publication date: April 6, 1999 (First Edition: June 1998)

Foster -- the respected author of a great many SF and fantasy series, and one of the most prolific in the field at novelizations, including Alien and the early Star Wars volume Splinter of the Mind's Eye -- kicked off an ambitious fantasy series last year. The sequel, Into the Thinking Kingdoms (above), has just been released in hardcover. "Ehomba is a simple herdsman from an isolated tribe -- a "catechist" in search of answers. When a lone survivor of a shipwreck pleads for the safe return of the Visioness Themaryl, who had been kidnapped by an evil sorcerer, Ehomba sets forth on a journey through a world he has never seen to rescue a woman he has never met -- for the sake of a man he never knew."
Review by Todd Richmond
Keith Parkinson
Into the Thinking Kingdoms (Journeys of the Catechist, Book 2)
Warner/Aspect (hardcover, 376 pages, $23/$29.95 Can)
Publication date: April 6, 1999

The second and much-anticipated volume in the fantasy saga which began last year with Carnivores of Light and Darkness, which has just appeared in paperback (below). The series wraps up in March of 2000 with the final volume, A Triumph of Souls. "An adventure of epic proportions continues as a man bound by honor travels through exotic and perilous lands on a quest to find and protect a beautiful princess he has never met."
The Hand of Dinotopia
Turner hard cover
The latest licensed property inspired by the brilliant work of James Gurney. Originally scheduled to appear last month, but it may have suffered the same fate as Davis' The Gris-Gris Man, also from Turner Publishing.
Howling Stones
Ballantine Del Rey hard cover
Revisit the Humanx Commonwealth, and find out more about who came before...
Warner Aspect paperback
Based on the popular computer game from LucasArts, itself based on a story by Steven Spielberg. Three astronauts sent to intercept an asteroid on a collision course with Earth discover an alien artifact of unusual properties...
The I Inside
Warner Aspect paperback
[Cover] Design for Great-Day
and Eric Frank Russell
Tor paperback
Foster reworked this story of the long deceased Russell and we're sure it will start a flurry of requests for Russell's work. Well, they are all out of print - sorry.
[Cover] Montezuma Strip
Warner Aspect paperback
Gritty future àla Blade Runner, short fiction that has appeared in F & SF under pseudonym, James Lawson.
Jed the Dead
Ace paperback
Ross Ed Hager gets more than he bargained for when he finds Jed, a dead alien who takes him on a wild tour of... we've said too much.
Del Rey paperbac
The latest Commonthranx novel, set on the jungle planet Midworld. Flinx and his companion, the mini-dragon Pip, are pursued by a rich collector who wants Pip in his zoo. They may be able to escape, but can they survive the perils of Midworld?

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