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David Gemmell
The Ghost King: The Stones of Power, Book One
Del Rey
The blood of kings flows in young Thuro, but can he claim his birthright in the face of the Witch Queen's dark power? Book One of The Stones of Power.
The Last Sword of Power: The Stones of Power, Book Two
Del Rey
With Uther Pendragon chained in Hell and the Sword of Power lost in Chaos, Britannia's hope lies in a warrior known as Revelation, the blind girl Anduine, and the magic they wield.
Wolf in Shadow: The Stones of Power, Book Three
Del Rey
John Shannow's quest for peace is shattered when the Lord of the Pit takes the woman he loves. But the Hellborn have made a fatal error in raising the wrath of The Jerusalem Man.
The Last Guardian
Del Rey
Stones of Power, Volume 4. First US appearance of a new tale of Jon Shannow, one of David Gemmell's most popular creations. In his latest outing Jon returns from the dead to face an enormous evil that reaches across the seas of time itself. Me, I'd stay dead.
World in Shadow
Del Rey
Gemmel's reputation in Britain exceeds the recognition he's achieved here, but this master of Epic Fantasy is slowly winning fans on this side of the pond as well. Gemmel is also the author of Legend and The King Beyond the Gate.
[Cover] The Hawk Eternal
Legend paperback
It's the sequel to Ironhand's Daughter.

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