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Joe Haldeman
Art: Bruce Jensen
Forever Peace
Ace (reprint, paperback, 351 pages, $6.50 US/$8.99 Can)
Publication date: October 1, 1998 (First Printing: October 1997)

The winner of this year's Hugo Award for Best Science Fiction novel of the year finally arrives in paperback. It's 2043, the eighth year of the Ngumi War. Atlanta and San Diego have endured limited nuclear strikes, and the soldiers on the front lines are indestructible war machines linked to human soldiers hundreds of miles away. Sergeant Julian Class is one of these "soldierboys", connected to the other members of his platoon by a form of telepathy which makes secrets impossible. When Dr. Amelia Harding, Julian's lover, discovers that a super-science project being assembled near Jupiter may well mean the end of the universe, the news is greeted with skepticism by most. But for Julian, it's all the reason he needs to re-direct his life. Though it's not going to be easy -- there's a war on, and for some victory is all that matters. From the author of The Forever War and None So Blind.
review Review by Steven Silver
Saul's Death and Other Poems
Anamnesis Press paperback
The author of The Forever War, 1968 and Forever Peace has been writing some of the most powerful and original poetry in the genre for decades. This collection from Anamnesis Press gathers some of his finest work, including pieces previously published in OMNI and other places.
[Cover] The Forever War
Reprint of one of the great classics of SF, and one of the finest anti-war novels of the last few decades. The life of a professional soldier takes on a whole new meaning in an intersteller war, where the effect of time dilation means you may no longer even recognize the planet you're fighting for. Soldiers are stored in a gene bank after each battle, if they survive, and woken only in times of war.
None So Blind
Avon Books
In 1995, Joe Haldmen won a Hugo award for his short story, "None So Blind". It's included in this collection of fifteen stories, along with three other Hugo and Nebula Award winners, a novella and several poems.

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