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Barbara Hambly
[Cover] Star Wars: Planet of Twilight
Bantam Spectra paperback
With Planet of Twilight, Barbara Hambly completes the story cycle begun in her bestselling novel Children of the Jedi and continued by Kevin J. Anderson in DarkSaber, bringing to conclusion a very unusual story of love and adventure for Luke Skywalker. A ruthless warlord's plan to bring down the New Republic began with the kidnapping of Princess Leia (don't they all?), as Luke searches for his lost love, Callista. Meanwhile, a long-dormant lifeform awakens in a dark corner of the galaxy -- a sentient creature which will threaten everything Luke and Leia know.
Art: J.J. Palencar
Sisters of the Night
and Martin H. Greenberg
Warner Aspect (reprint, paperback, 307 pages, $6.99 US/$8.99 Can)
Publication date: October, 1998 (First Printing: 1995)

Paperback reprint of the original collection of horror stories featuring female vampires and their prey. The 15 tales showcase work from such writers as Jane Yolen, Larry Niven, Pat Cadigan, George Alec Effinger, Nina Kiriki Hoffman, M. John Harrison, and others. "This gripping collection of 15 original stories immortalizes the most mysterious, sensual and deadly women of all -- female vampires. Some of the hottest names in the SF/fantasy/horror field have created these enchanting creatures' fantastic history from ancient times to now in dark and terrifyingly beautiful stories."
The Time of the Dark (The Darwarth Trilogy, Vol. 1)
Del Rey
Reprint of the 1982 fantasy novel, first of four books in the Darwarth Trilogy (and that's what's really wrong with fantasy these days -- bad math). A young grad student discovers that her nightmares of an unseen hideous evil are not merely dreams -- she is standing in the doorway to another world. Soon she's involved with a member of a biker gang, a warrior called the Icefalcon, the wizard Ingold Inglorion and a widowed Queen in a fight for their lives.
The Walls of Air (The Darwath Trilogy, Vol. 2)
Del Rey
In the second volume in the series the Dark Ones threaten the Keep of Renweth, and the wizard Ingold Inglorion must travel across 2000 miles of desert to find help in the hidden City of Wizards. Hope he packed munchies.
The Armies of Daylight (The Darwath Trilogy, Vol. 3)
Del Rey
Can the Keep of Renweth survive the Dark Ones when its defenders conspire against each other? The concluding volume in the first epic.
Mother of Winter
Del Rey
Ooops, it wasn't the concluding volume after all. It has been five years since the Dark Ones were vanquished. But now the world is suddenly growing colder, and the frost is spawning hideous creatures that resist magic. The Vale of Renweth finds it must somehow survive the ice mage's minions, in a world were the only food that will grow will transform you into the ice mage's slave.
Star Wars®: Planet of Twilight
Bantam Spectra
Peace in the galaxy is threatened again with the rise of a warlord who takes Princess Leia hostage. And as Luke continues his search for his lost love, he finds the force has unusual and uncontrollable deadly powers on the planet Renat Chorios, a backwater sanctuary for a peaceful religious cult. And at the center of it all lies a once-dormant life form capable of destroying the entire galaxy.
Traveling With The Dead
Del Rey
Sequel to the well-received Those Who Hunt The Night.
[Cover] Star Wars: Children of the Jedi
Bantam Spectra
A new Hambly (always a treat) follows Princess Leia, Hans Solo and Chewbacca on a journey to the frozen world of Belsavis in search of the long lost children of the Jedi.
[Cover] Sisters of the Night
and Martin H. Greenberg, ed.
Warner Aspect
From the cover, "fifteen new and original stories about female Vampires and their prey". It is just what we need - more vampires.

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