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Laurell K. Hamilton
Art: Lee MacLeod
Blue Moon (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, Book Eight)
Ace (paperback, 418 pages, $6.99/$8.99 Can)
Publication date: November 1, 1998

Previous books in the extremely popular Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series include Bloody Bones, Burnt Offerings, Circus of the Damned, Guilty Pleasures, and Killing Dance. This time, alpha werewolf (and Anita's ex-lover) Richard is in jail in Tennessee, accused of rape. Anita is determined to rescue him -- before the coming full moon, which would certainly pose problems for Richard. But Tennessee is the domain of another vampire lord, a rival of her current lover Jean-Claude... and when she arrives, it soon becomes clear that that's the least of her worries.
[Cover] Burnt Offerings (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter)
Ace paperback
Latest in the Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series. I know what you're thinking. Sure, it sounds cheesy. But let's face it, decent vampire-hunter books are a tough find these days. C'mon, I know you've picked these books up in the stores when you thought no one was looking. Go ahead and try one. I won't tell.
[Cover] Nightseer
Roc paperback
From the popular author of the Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series comes a reprint of an early novel of dark fantasy. "Years after the murder of her mother by the evil witch Harque, Keleios the Half-Elf must choose between the tainted power of the demonmark -- which could help her avenge her mother's death -- and the lives of her loved ones." And you thought choosing a new car was tough.
[Cover] The Killing Dance
Book 6 in the Anita Blake, Vampire Killer series. Yeah, we know, Vampire Killer books in general don't often make the short lists for the major awards. But you never know when the mood may strike, and the weather outside might be just stormy enough, for you to find yourself with a craving for a good V. K. book. So keep an Anita Blake book or two in stock, just in case. "With a price on her head and professional killers on her trail, Anita Blake turns to the men in her life for help. Which in her case, means an alpha werewolf and a master vampire. She needs as much protection as possible, human or otherwise. But Anita is beginning to wonder if two monsters are better than one."
[Cover] Bloody Bones
Ace paperback
-Anita Blake is back with the fifth Vampire Hunter adventure, this time in Branson, Missouri.

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