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Peter F. Hamilton
Art: Jim Burns
A Second Chance at Eden
Warner Aspect (reprint, paperback, 421 pages, $6.50/$8.50 Can)
Publication date: January 4, 1999 (First US Printing)

First US appearance of a fine collection of linked short stories set in the same universe as his ongoing The Night's Dawn Trilogy, published in the US in four volumes as The Reality Dysfunction, Parts I & II, and The Neutronium Alchemist. The seven tales span more than 500 years in Hamilton's richly detailed future history, a universe inhabited by Edenists and Adamists, alien xenocs and Saldanas, and the brave Captain and crew of the starship Lady Macbeth, who discover an ancient derelict starship and must unlock its alien secrets in a race against time. I don't believe that any of the stories collected here -- including the 175-page short novel "A Second Chance at Eden," a classic detective featuring a new police chief faced with the ultimate locked-room mystery -- have been previously published in the US, so this will serve as a special treat for Hamilton's US fans. As for the final volume in The Night's Dawn Trilogy -- according to the release info that came with this book, it won't be available until January 2000. So read this one slowly.
[Cover] The Neutronium Alchemist, Part 2: Conflict
Warner Aspect paperback
Second half of the second novel in Hamilton's second SF trilogy (got that?). The souls of the long dead are flooding back to the universe at an alarming rate. Stealing the bodies of the living, they are grouping together into powerful consortiums led by some of the greatest leaders in history. An increasingly desperate Confederation Navy is struggling to stem the tide as the race for the universe's most powerful weapon begins. But if the dead can return to life, who will be the ultimate victors?
[Cover] The Neutronium Alchemist, Part 1: Consolidation
Warner Aspect paperback
Peter F. Hamilton (Mindstar Rising, The Nano Flower) delivers the first half of the second novel in his second SF trilogy... erm, wait, start over. In the sequel to The Reality Dysfunction, British writer Hamilton continues one of the most acclaimed SF series from last year. The nanotech-augmented Adamists and the genetically engineered Edenists, human cultures long in conflict, stand now with ancient alien races to confront a terror than transcends space and time. If you prefer your science fiction epic and your stakes high, it doesn't get much better than this. Recommended.
[Cover] The Reality Dysfunction, Part Two: Expansion
Warner Aspect
Space opera on an epic scale, with hundreds of planets, a universe-spanning plot, living spaceships and a vast cast of characters -- all crammed into a two-book saga that promises to be the start of a series. In the far future, on a primitive world called Lalonde, humanity has divided into two diametrically opposed groups: The Edenists, genetically engineered space-dwellers with telepathic affinity for their biotechnological homes and ships, and the Adamists, bitterly opposed to advanced technology but willing to pioneer new worlds. Their clash will set in motion a great adventure, all under the watchful eye of mysterious aliens.
The Reality Dysfunction, Part One: Emergence
Warner Aspect
Newest SF sequence from the author of Mindstar Rising. Published in the UK in one volume, it's been broken up into two books for its first US publication. In the far future, mankind has splintered into two very different groups: the Edenists, genetically engineered space-dwellers telepathically linked to their biotechnological homes and ships; and the Adamists, who are willing to pioneer new worlds. The two finally clash on a primitive world called Lalonde, setting in motion a climactic chain of events.
[Cover] The Nano Flower
Tor hard cover
From the British author of A Quantum Murder, Mindstar Rising and The Reality Dysfunction comes the third novel in the "Greg Mandel" trilogy. Mandel is a veteran of the second Gulf War, a PSI-boosted ex-soldier turned private eye, wet-wired into the latest sensory equipment and carrying state-of-the-art weaponry. Set about fifteen years after A Quantum Murder, The Nano Flower begins with the anonymous delivery of a strangely beautiful flower to Julia Evans, head of the Event Horizon conglomerate... a flower with genes millions of years in advance of terrestrial DNA. Where did it come from? Greg has to find out -- before the Nano Flower blooms.
[Cover] A Quantum Murderm
Tor hard cover
An SF mystery from the author of the well-received The Reality Dysfunction novels, just published in paperback by Warner. This one's a sequel to Mindstar Rising, and the second volume in a planned trilogy surrounding Greg Mandel, the psi-boosted veteran of the Mindstar Battalion. A renowned scientist investigating quantum cosmology for the secretive Event Horizon conglomerate has been brutally murdered. A victim of espionage, revenge, or a crime of passion? Mandel is hired to find out -- and ultimately confront a past that may never have occurred at all.
[Cover] Mindstar Rising
Tor paperback
Adventures of 21st century mercenary Greg Mandel.

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