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Elizabeth Hand
Saska Art & Design
Black Light
HarperPrism (hardcover, 276 pages, $25/$36.50 Can)
Publication date: April 1, 1999

The latest fantasy (or "sensuous new thriller," according to the jacket copy) from the author of Waking the Moon and Glimmering. "Lit is ready to enjoy one last, wild fling before college and adulthood. In fact, the whole town is ready to party. The legendary director Alex Kern, is going to reopen his fabulous mansion, Bolerium, for a party. But not just any party. The Halloween party of the decade... of the century. But other, more disturbing guests are arriving daily. They are seen at the edges of the forest, at the margins of the night: a great stag, extinct for two millennia; a horned man robed in blood; a forgotten god, lusting to tell a young girl what she desperately wants to hear. For Kern's connections extend far beyond Hollywood, beyond even the modern age... and in Bolerium's echoing halls a fearsome confrontation is gathering, between the ancient powers of the Malandanti and the immortals sworn to stop them at any cost, no matter what the sacrifice."
Last Summer at Mars Hill
HarperPrism (trade paperback, 325 pages, $13 US/$19 Can)
Publication date: September, 1998

It's hard to believe it's only been a decade since Hand's first published story, "Prince of Flowers," appeared in the February 1998 issue of The Twilight Zone magazine. Since then she's produced both a fine body of short work and a number of hard-hitting novels, including Glimmering, Waking the Moon, Winterlong. If you haven't sampled her longer works, now's your chance to find out what all the fuss it about with her first collection of short stories.
Reprint edition of the first novel from the author of Waking the Moon and Glimmering. In the dark years after the rain of roses, an autistic girl and her long-lost twin brother seek each other in the ruins of a great city. Together their destiny is to undertake a harrowing journey across a nightmare landscape where dark gods walk abroad, unleashing ancient powers that may signal the end of human history.
Millennium: The Frenchman
based on a teleplay by Chris Carter
A Millennium novel from the esteemed author of Gilmmering and Waking the Moon. An unusual mix, to say the least. We'll reserve judgement until the reviews are in.
I'm a sucker for apocalypse tales, and this one is as enthralling as they come. It is 1999, and some people are calling it the Last Days: the climate has altered irrevocably, the cities have imploded in violence, and the stars haven't been seen in months. The publisher of the world's last literary magazine lies dying of AIDS when a friend arrives with an unexpected elixer devloped by an exiled scientist. The results herald changes greater than anything the world is prepared for.
Waking the Moon
Washington, D.C.'s University of the Archangels is a place of brooding shrines and gleaming towers. For Katherine Sweeney Cassidy, it is a place of freedom and discovery -- until she makes the wrong discovery. The university, the church, and in fact nearly every center of power in the world is controlled by a clandestine order, the Benandanti, which has secretly manipulated every government since before the Fall of Rome. But now the time of the Benandanti is over. The Moon Goddess has returned. And she wants her world back.
Cover by Gene Mydlowski.
[Cover] 12 Monkeys
The movie tie-in (Bruce Willis, Madeleine Stowe & Brad Pitt) novel written by a terrific author.


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