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James P. Hogan
Outward Bound (A Jupiter Novel)
Tor (hardcover, 198 pages, $22.95 US)
Publication date: February 2, 1999

The latest entry in Tor's Young Adult SF line comes from the author of Endgame Enigma and Bug Park. "Fifteen-year-old Linc Marani is from the wrong side of twenty-second century L.A.'s tracks. Everyone he knows is addicted to dope, booze, and the violence that masquerades as bravado in life on the streets. When a chance at some cold hard cash is offered to him by a slick associate in a fancy Cadillac, Linc jumps at the bait -- only to find himself sentenced to a juvenile labor camp when the heist goes sour. Labor camp: To Linc it means an aching, dawn-to-dusk grind -- Marine bootcamp-style discipline with no hope of escape or parole. He is about to give up and accept this precisely regimented and miserable future when a mysterious psychologist offers him the chance of a lifetime. Can Linc overcome one of the worst neighborhoods on Earth by proving his worth on a mission beyond the stars?"
Review by Rich Horton
[Cover] The Immortality Option
Del Rey
Sequel to Code of the Lifemaker, Hogan's novel is of a race of sentient robots.
Endgame Enigma
Valentina Tereshkova, built with the last dwindling resources of the Russian state in the early 21st century, is a great space station rumored to have been designed as a weapon of war by the last heirs of the Soviet dictators. It's up to Paula Bryce and agent Lew McCain to travel to the station and discover the truth. But becoming prisoners wasn't part of the plan.
Silver Shoes for a Princess
New fiction from the author of The Proteus Operation. "Taya wonders why everything she can see beyond the Window is so different from all the things inside. She also wonders why the stars never change if her world is really moving the way her metal friend Kort said it is. Can Kort be wrong? That would be very strange, because Kort knows everything, and he is sure they are moving--just as she is sure the stars are not. Then everything changes."
Mind Matters: Exploring the World of Artificial Intelligence
Del Rey
A detailed work of non-fiction from the author of The Proteus Operation which examines the evolution of Artificial Intelligence, beginning in the 1940's as the first pioneering scientists and computer technicians attempted to create a computer with human-like intelligence.
Bug Park
Using his father's revolutionary technology, Kevin Heber and his friend Taki have created a totally new entertainment idea: a live-action adventure center on a micro-scale. Bug Park is the ultimate out-of-body experience, better than VR and a lot more appealing. And Taki's uncle wants to take it public -- making them rich in the process. There's just two problems: Kevin and Taki are teenagers, and someone wants Bug Park squashed, and Kevin's father with it. Hogan is author Code of the Lifemaker, Paths to Otherwhere, and The Multiplex Man.
Cover Art by David Mattingly
COVER Paths to Otherwhere
Epic SF from the author of The Proteus Operation.
[Cover] The Proteus Operation
Time travel, alternate realities, and a team determined to change the outcome of World War II form the core of this surprising thriller. By the author of The Multiplex Man.
[Cover] Realtime Interrupt
Highly charged technical thriller of a scientist lost in a virtual reality almost indistinguishable from his own.

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