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Tanya Huff
[Cover] Summon the Keeper
DAW paperback
A very funny start to what may be a new series from a talented Canadian author. Claire Hansen is a Keeper, a direct descendent of Adam and Lilith, and one of the Earth's protectors. On her way to answer a summons, she and her talking cat Austin stop at the Elysian Fields Guesthouse... where the next morning Claire awakens to find herself the new owner. The Elysian Fields is far more than it appears, for its inhabitants include a lascivious French ghost, an attractive young caretaker named Dean, a woman who's been asleep in Room Six for decades -- and a hole to Hell in the furnace room. Claire has to seal the hole to Hell quickly without awakening the occupant of Room Six, while simultaneously resisting the charms of an amorous ghost, fighting her attraction to the friendly Dean, and dealing with an impetuous younger sister with more power than common sense.
Jody Lee
The Quartered Sea (The Four Quarters, Book IV)
DAW (paperback, 416 pages, $6.99/$8.99 Can)
Publication date: April, 1999

The fantasy sequel to the popular Sing the Four Quarters, The Fifth Quarter, and No Quarter, all still in print. "Queen Jalena of Shkoder has decided to start her reign by commissioning a ship to undertake the exploration of uncharted waters and see if it is possible to circumnavigate the world. When disaster strikes, the sole survivor is the bard Benedikt who Sings only One Quarter, that of Water. Found by the people of a Mayan-like civilization, he becomes a pawn between the brother and sister who are the most powerful people in their culture. ."
Blood Debt
Fifth in the horror series starring ex-detective Victory Nelson, who became a vampire at the end of the last book.
Blood Price
Vampire's are at work and private detective Victory Nelson is on the case. Just to make it interesting though, throw in a demon-summoning high school geek and a peaceful vampire hiding out as a romance novelist.
Blood Trail
Victory Nelson is on the case again with the help of 450 year old vampire, Henry Fitzroy.
[Cover] No Quarter
Sequel to Fifth Quarter, this one should outsell anything else Tanya has done. Terrific plot, well-drawn characters, fine pacing, I remember stopping three quarters of the way through and thinking: Yes! Tanya has captured it in a perfect, pristine, poignant moment.
[Fifth Quarter] Fifth Quarter
It's a thrilling, non-stop adventure which will keep you guessing through the plot twists and turns.
Yvonne Gilbert
Wizard of the Grove
DAW (omnibus, paperback, 576 pages, $6.99/$8.99 Can)
Publication date: January 1, 1999

This is a handsome omnibus collection of two of Tanya Huff's early fantasy novels, Child of the Grove, first released in 1990, and The Last Wizard (1995). The young Crystal, a teenager learning to cope with her enormous magical gifts, is one of only two Wizards left in the world -- and the other one is bent on killing her. "Crystal was given to the world of Ardhan by the Elders to save it from an evil wizard. But after confronting her enemy, Crystal's purpose for existing ended -- until she saved a single human life and found a new cause for her growing powers. " From the author of Summon the Keeper and Blood Debt.

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