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Brian Jacques
Art: Troy Howell
The Long Patrol (Redwall, Book 10)
Ace (reprint, paperback, 318 pages, $5.99 US/$7.99 Can)
Publication date: February 1, 1999 (First Edition: 1997)

Young hare Tamello's greatest dream is to follow in his father's footsteps and join the Long Patrol, the stalwart band of hare warriors headquartered at the top of Salamandastron Mountain. But his father is too strict to allow it, and so he runs away from home and makes his way to Redwall. At the abbey, a band of small creatures has gathered under the command of the Long Patrol to defend Redwall from its latest threat. The vicious Damug Warfang has succeeded his father as Firstblade of all Rapscallions, and has lead the thousand seafaring Greatrats who survived the failed assault on Salamandastron inland toward Mossflower Woods, seeking plunder and riches...
Redwall Overview by John O'Neill
Art: Troy Howell
Mattimeo (Redwall, Book 3)
Ace (reprint, paperback, 432 pages, $6.50 US)
Publication date: February 1, 1999 (First Edition: 1989)

In the third Redwall novel we return to the time of Matthias, hero of Redwall. Matthias is now the guardian of the Abbey, and has a son named Mattimeo. On the night of a great feast at the Abbey, a group of rats, foxes, and other strangers arrive at the gate claiming to be Magicians. The fox leading the band wears a checkered mask, and performs some simple magic tricks. When the inhabitants awake the next morning, however, they make a horrifying discovery. The Woodland children are missing, including brave Mattimeo, and no tracks give a clue to their whereabouts. The masked fox was none other than Slager the Cruel, the almost legendary enemy of Redwall, and now it's up to Mattimeo and his companions to somehow stop Slagar and his band of marauders...
Redwall Overview by John O'Neill
Art: Troy Howell
Mossflower (Redwall, Book 2)
Ace (reprint, paperback, 373 pages, $5.99 US)
Publication date: November 1, 1998 (First Printing: 1988)

Last month Ace began reprinting the famed Redwall books of Brian Jacques in paperback. Mossflower is a prequel to Redwall, a tale of the great Martin the Warrior himself. In his early days Martin was a wandering warrior, a mouse with no belongings save the rusty sword strapped to his back. When he enters Mossflower Country he is captured by the King of the Thousand Eyes, a wildcat who rules over the fortress Kotir, and is locked in the dungeons. There he meets the mouse-thief Gonff, and together they hatch a scheme to escape. But a greater plan had seized Martin... together with Gonff and Dinny the Mole, he sets after his escape out to recruit a huge badger named Boar the Fighter from Salamandastron mountain -- a fighter who can help raise an army to fight the cruel wildcat Queen Tsarmina, and liberate the beloved Mossflower from tyranny.
Series Overview by John O'Neill
[Cover] The Great Redwall Feast
illustrated by Christopher Denise
Penguin/Philomel hard cover
An epic poem from the author of the much loved Redwall books, illustrated in full colour by Christopher Denise. "The abbeymice, hares, otters, and moles who make their home at Redwall are planning a surprise feast for their abbot. But with that rascally molebabe Bungo sneaking food and causing disasters, how can the Redwallers finish in time and keep the feast from their abbot's keen eyes?"
The Pearls of Lutra
Putnam/Philomel hard cover
The latest in young-adult fantasy from the well-loved author of Redwall and Mossflower.
[Cover] Outcast of Redwall
Hutchison hard cover
Badgers and ferrets, magic and adventure, Jacques is a delight in this 8th volume of the series.

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