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Gwyneth Jones
Art: Eshkar/Uretsky
Phoenix Cafe (The White Queen Trilogy, Book 3)
Tor (reprint, trade paperback, 352 pages, $14.95 US)
Publication date: January, 1999 (First Edition: January 1998)

Final volume in a trilogy that spans over three centuries and features a very unusual alien invasion. After 300 years, the alien Aleutians are preparing to leave Earth and a human conspiracy led by Misha Connelly and his companions at the Phoenix Cafe plot against them. In her short career Gwyneth Jones has won the World Fantasy Award, the James Tiptree, Jr., Award, and has been a two-time Nominee for the Arthur C. Clarke Award. "With White Queen and North Wind, the first two volumes, Gwyneth Jones created some of the finest, most intelligent science fiction of the past decade. Phoenix Cafe maintains the first two volumes' high level of philosophical speculation. It is a superb novel." -- The Edmonton Journal
Review by Lisa DuMond
[Cover] North Wind
Tor trade paper
From the author of Flowerdust and Divine Endurance comes a sequel to White Queen, the winner of the James Tiptree, Jr. Award for Best Novel of the Year. The Aleutians are mysterious aliens whose strange reproductive process appears to assure immortality. North Wind follows the story of Bella, who may or may not be alien, and Sidney Carton as they search the war-ravaged remains of Europe for the last vestige of human technology that may save civilization.
[Cover] Flowerdust
Tor paperback
From the winner of the James Tiptree, Jr. Award and the author of Divine Endurance.

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