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J. V. Jones
Greg Call
A Cavern of Black Ice (Sword of Shadows, Book One)
Warner Aspect (hardcover, 736 pages, $24/$29 Can)
Publication date: March 30, 1999

Opening volume in a new fantasy series set in the same world as her The Book Of Words saga. If you're looking for a good wintry tale, this could be it. From the author of The Barbed Coil. "In the distant Northern Territories, fortress cities cling to barren peaks, fierce clans hunt the frigid steppes, arctic wastes are the last refuge of an enigmatic, ancient people - and an apocalyptic destiny has begun to unfold..... Once in one thousand years an innocent is born with the uncontrollable power and need to reach across the barrier of worlds, into the realm of the dead - and release the Endlords from their eternal prison, to annihilate all life. Now, after the millennium of truce, war erupts between the cold giants of the far north. As the great and ancient clan of Blackhail brings war to the Dog Lord of Clan Bludd, two warriors are caught in the bloodshed. Raif and Drey Sevrance are brothers and clansmen alike, but soon cold-blooded schemes of their new chief will tear them apart and bran Raif a traitor to his clan."
Review by Wayne MacLaurin
Mike Posen
The Barbed Coil
Warner/Aspect (reprint, paperback, 667 pages, $6.99/$8.99 Can)
Publication date: March 1, 1999 (First Edition: September, 1997)

A standalone work of fantasy from the author of the bestselling The Book of Words trilogy, and the upcoming A Cavern of Black Ice (in which there is a preview chapter). When Tessa McCamfrey finds and puts on an unusual barbed ring, she finds herself transported to the another world. In the city of Bay'Zell she befriends the mercenary Ravis, and soon finds herself caught up in the war against the mad King Izgard of Garizon... a monarch who wears as a crown a magical and much larger version of Tessa's own ring. "From the first page, The Barbed Coil draws the reader into a novel of complex characters and a multi-layered plot... Jones paints a compelling tale of a young woman drawn into a world where paintings and patterns hold great power" -- Wayne MacLaurin.
Review by Wayne MacLaurin
[Cover] Master and Fool
Warner Aspect trade paper
It is the stunning conclusion to one of finest fantasy trilogies done over the past few years.
[Cover] A Man Betrayed
Warner Aspect paperback
This is volume two in The Book of Words and sequel to the fast- selling Baker's Boy.
[Cover] Baker's Boy
J.V. Jones
Warner Aspect paperback
Volume one of The Book of Words, this book debuted in trade to great success. One of the fantasy series we'd recommend to fans of Robert Jordan. Author's web page has lots of pretty pictures, too.

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