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Katharine Kerr
[Cover] The Red Wyvern (Book One of The Dragon Mage)
Bantam Spectra trade paper
The bestselling author of Days of Air and Darkness and Daggerspell begins a new Deverry saga. In a land torn by civil war young Lillorigga strives to conceal her budding magical abilities from her cruel mother.
The Red Wyvern (Dragon Mage, Book I)
Bantam Spectra (reprint, paperback, 393 pages, $6.50 US/$8.99 Can)
Publication date: September 14, 1998 (First Printing: December 1997)

Katherine Kerr is the talented author of a number of fine SF novels, including Polar City Blues, and the very popular (and lengthy) Deverry Celtic fantasy series, which includes Days of Air and Darkness, Days of Blood and Fire, A Time of Omens, and five others. Now she begins a new "saga within a saga" set on the world of Deverry, in the long-ago age of the Civil Wars, and with a new set of characters. The magically gifted Lillorigga, daughter of the Boar clan and cousin to the child-king, finds herself drawn into the tangled political web of her mother, the enchantress Merodda. Lilli's rebellion against her mother's schemes sets into motion a series of events that will change the kingdom forever -- and have consequences in generations to come. The next volume (The Black Dragon) arrives in December.
SF Site Review by Todd Richmond
[Cover] Palace
and Mark Kreighbaum
Bantam Spectra
A novel of The Pinch (Do we smell shared universe series in the wind here?). Great, big space opera--"a tale of dark intrigue and cybervengeance". Co-written by the author of the Deverry novels and Freeze Frames. Has a Snow Queen (Joan D. Vinge), MageWorlds (Doyle and MacDonald) kind of feel to it.
[Cover] Freeze Frames
A science fiction novel from the author of the Deverry Westlands.
[Cover] Days of Air and Darkness
It's volume four of the Deverry Westlands.
[Cover] The Shimmering Door
An original anthology of 32 stories about magicians of all varietes: sorcerers and shamans, witches and warlocks, enchanters and spell-casters, and et cetera. Authors include Charles de Lint, Dennis McKiernan, Jo Clayton and Lisa Mason.

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