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J. Robert King
Forgotten Realms: Conspiracy
Volume 6 in the nine-volume Double Diamond Triangle Saga concludes the second trilogy. Each of the novellas in the series is priced at only $1.99 -- an interesting venture for TSR and worth watching to see if it succeeds. In this volume the paladins and mercenaries searching for Piergeiron's kidnapped fiancee finally meet, and the dark secret behind the abduction is revealed.
Dragonlance: Vinas Solamnus
The first in the Lost Legends series, this is the chronicle of the founder of the Knights of Solamnia. Selected as the one who will lead Krynn to enlightenment after decades of warfare, Vinas Solamnus first step is a dangerous quest -- one that will make him a legend.
Forgotten Realms: The Abduction
The first book of the Double Diamond Triangle Saga begins with the kidnapping of the fiancee of Lord Piergeiron, Open Lord of Waterdeep, on the eve of their wedding. Piergeiron the Paladinson must find out who is behind the plot - but nothing is quite what it seems...
Planescape: Planar Powers
Planescape is an interesting idea - a city that rests at the nexus of planes. Just imagine going out for pizza and making a wrong turn in a place like that. Robert King gives us a glimpse of some of the hidden powers at work behind the surface of the city. Third in the series, it follows Blood Hostages and Abyssal Warriors.

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