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Dean Koontz
Art: Tom Hallman
Fear Nothing
Bantam (reprint, paperback, 432 pages, $7.99/$10.99 Can)
Publication date: December 1, 1998 (First Printing: February 1998)

The latest suspense thriller from the author of Intensity and Dark Rivers of the Heart turns out to be the beginning of a series -- a rare event for Koontz. The next Christopher Snow book, Sieze the Night, is scheduled to appear on December 29th, 1998. "Christopher Snow is different from all the other residents of Moonlight Bay, different from anyone else you've ever met. For Christopher Snow has made a strange peace with a rare genetic disorder shared by 1,000 other Americans -- a disorder that leaves him extremely vulnerable to the light. Christopher knows the night as no one else ever will or can, and his life is filled with the rituals of one who must embrace the dark or die. But his freedom is suddenly, tragically, infringed upon the night he witnesses a series of incidents that sweep him into a violent mystery -- a murder in the night that only he can solve, one that will force him to rise above his fears."
Art: Tom Hallman
Seize the Night (A Christopher Snow Mystery)
Bantam (hardcover, 401 pages, $26.95/$37.95 Can)
Publication date: December 29, 1998

The first novel featuring Christopher Snow -- a man afflicted with a rare genetic disorder that leaves him extremely vulnerable to the light, and a man "who knows the night as no one else ever will or can" -- was just released in paperback by Bantam. Like all of Koontz's recent novels, Fear Nothing was a New York Times bestseller. Now Koontz has brought Christopher and his spooky town of Moonlight Bay, California back into the limelight, for another tale of suspense. "Somewhere in the Night, children are disappearing. The police cannot be trusted to solver the mystery because in Moonlight Bay the police work their hardest to conceal crimes... they were long ago corrupted by a greater authority, hidden behind the shuttered walls of the military base, Fort Wyvern. Christopher Snow believe the children are still alive, and the disappearance are linked to catastrophic effects of secret research conducted deep with Fort Wyvern. Secrets powerful men will do anything to conceal."
Fear Nothing Review by Rodger Turner
"Four citizens of Moonlight Cove are left . . . still untouched by the inhuman experiment of computer genius Thomas Shaddock. They must escape Moonlight Cove and expose the evil--before they face a fate more tortuous than death . . . and as inevitable as midnight."
Reprint of one of Koontz's most-loved novels. Travis and Nora find the injured dog Einstein, and are both astonished and charmed by his strange intelligence. But Einstein is only one of two altered creatures who have escaped from a top-secret lab... and the other is far deadlier, and on their trail.
Demon Seed
We know. You saw the movie. Your eyes get no traction on the lurid horror cover. But this is Dean Koontz we're talking about here, and this is one of the most effective of his early efforts. A young woman finds herself trapped in a computer-controlled household by a menacing AI with a very twisted agenda. But, as with most of Koontz' work, very little is what it appears to be.
A previously unpublished early work from the author of Intensity, Dark Rivers of the Heart, and many more. Tommy Phan is a 30-year-old Vietnamese-American detective and novelist who discovers a strange doll on his doorstep... a rag doll made entirely of white cloth. That night the stitches over the doll's heart break apart, revealing a reptilian eye. As it scrambles away Tommy chases it into his house, but before long he is the one pursued as it slowly evolves into a hulking creature bent on killing him. Me, I would've left the damn thing on the doorstep.
Only Chyna Shepherd survived the last spree of a self-proclaimed "homicidal adventurer". Can she save his next targets?
The tiny mountain town of Snowfield is found silent, abandoned. Then they discover the first body, strangely swollen and still warm. One hundred and fifty dead, and over three hundred missing. At first terrorists are blamed, then toxic contamination. Until the terrifying truth is discovered... An earlier work from Koontz with a riviting premise, but some rough prose in spots.
Twilight Eyes
While being hunted for murder, Slim MacKenzie himself hunts the Others -- genetically engineered demons from an ancient Earth civilization. Me, I'd turn myself in.
Sole Survivor
Knopf hard cover
The very latest from the best-selling Prince of horror.

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