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Katherine Kurtz
Art: Greg Call
The Temple and the Stone
and Deborah Turner Harris
Warner Aspect (hardcover, 456 pages, $22 US/$26.95 Canada)
Publication date: August 18, 1998

Kurtz has an ongoing anthology series entitled Tales of the Knights Templar, and it looks like she's taken a page from her own book. Together with Harris, her collaborator for the Adept series, she's written a novel of the order of warrior monks which became one of Christendom's major armies. It is the 13th century, war is raging on three continents, and England's Edward I schemes to place a puppet king on Scotland's throne. Templar Frère Arnault de Saint Clair and several of his brethren embark on a secret and dangerous mission to save Scotland's Stone of Destiny from the English... for a vision has revealed to Arnault that the conflict in Scotland is critical to the fate of the world. An unholy force is rising, as a Pictish shaman revives pagan gods of blood, and the thrones of two lands have been corrupted by darkness.
[Cover] On Crusade: More Tales of the Knights Templar
Warner Aspect trade paper
In the sequel to Tales of the Knights Templar, the bestselling author of the Deryni series of fantasy novels has compiled a new collection of original fiction stories concerning the mysterious and romantic order of medieval Knights Templar. Contributors include Andre Norton, Deborah Turner Harris, and Diane Duane.
[Cover] Death of an Adept
and Deborah Turner Harris
Ace paperback
The fifth novel (following The Adept, The Lodge of the Lynx, The Templar Treasure and Dagger Magic) featuring Sir Adam Sinclair, mystic, historian, and leader of a secret brotherhood at war with the dark Powers. "In his time, Sir Adam Sinclair has challenged the forces of evil and been victorious. Now evil is rising once again--an extraordinary evil born of ancient elemental magic and 20th-century ambition. And Adam Sinclair will face the most unthinkable crime against his kind: murder."
Codex Derynianus
and Robert Reginald
Borgo Press/Underwood non-fiction, hard cover
A high-quality production of a non-fiction book looking at the popular world of Deryni, the setting for Kurtz's epic saga that began with Camber of Culdi.
[Cover] Two Crowns For America
Bantam Spectra paperback
It's an alternate history of the American Revolution by the author of the Deryni saga.

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