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Art: John Berkey
Free Space
edited by Brad Linaweaver and Edward E. Kramer
Tor (reprint, trade paperback, 352 pages, $16.95/$23.95 Can)
Publication date: December 1, 1998 (First Printing: July 1997)

Originally published in hardcover last year, this collection of near-future space tales received a significant amount of attention -- as much for its politics as its fiction. Robert J. Sawyer's entry, "The Hand You're Dealt," was nominated for a Hugo Award. "A group of writers including Poul Anderson, John Barnes, Gregory Benford, Ray Bradbury, and others offers stories about the twenty-third century, where individual societies outside of Earth have evolved into a galactic federation without formalized government known as Free Space." "A collection of mostly original stories written around the premise of a libertarian society of space traders. The stories reflect an idealism of freedom-loving men roving space vs. gravity-constrained groundhogs. There is a long tradition of this in science fiction, mostly inspired by Heinlein." -- Denver Post
[Cover] Olde Missis Milliwhistle's Book of Beneficial Beasties
Don Lindahn and Val Lindahn
Longstreet Press hard cover
You either know how to title your book or you don't. And the next book I write, I hire Ron and Val to come up with a title. Another addition to this month's Young Adult collection, this one rich with pictures of you-know-what.
Jane Lindskold
Avon Eos (paperback, 499 pages, $5.99/$7.99 Can)
Publication date: November 11, 1998

Lindskold is the co-author of Donnerjack and the forthcoming Lord Demon, both posthumous collaborations with Roger Zelazny. On her own she's written a number of fine fantasy novels, including When the Gods Are Silent and Brother to Dragons, Companion to Owls. "Wild, strange, and unpredictable, he is known as the Changer: the ultimate vagabond who slips in and out of myths and cultures, refusing to be pinned down to any one origin just as he refuses to be locked into any one shape--or name. Yet when a quest for vengeance forces him to shed animal form and seek out King Arthur, the Changer discovers that the darkest of dangers threaten the timeless realm. For Arthur's sworn enemies have risen once more to topple the king and spread chaos among humankind. The Changer himself will be the enemy's unwitting accomplice, unless he somehow stops the dreaded forces and diabolical powers threatening to destroy Arthur's kingdom--and all humanity."
[Cover] When the Gods are Silent
Jane Lindskold
A compact, standalone fantasy novel from the author of The PIPES OF ORPHEUS and SMOKE AND MIRRORS. Magic is but a myth, but it may mean a great deal more to Hulhc, a lowly farmer who has discovered his long-dead father's journal of wizardry. Hulhc believes that Magic may still exist, and if it does it may provide a miracle great enough to save his dying wife. Together with Rabble, a mysterious mercenary, Hulhc sets sail across the Sea of Truth on a quest to restore Magic to the world.
Books by Holly Lisle
Yvonne Gilbert
Twice Upon a Time
edited by Denise Little
DAW (paperback, 309 pages, $6.99 US/$8.99 Can)
Publication date: April, 1999

Original anthology. "How would Little Red Riding Hood's story play if we heard it from the viewpoint of the wolf, and what's the real scuttlebutt about the seven dwarves? Whether they're told to us as bedtime treats or viewed as Disney movies, fairy tales fuel our imagination. Now fantasy's finest indulge themselves and offer us some wonderful new versions of these treasured tales. Maybe the wolf should get to eat at least one little pig. Perhaps Cinderella was really a master schemer in her own right. Could Sleeping Beauty have had a problem with narcolepsy? Whatever readers' favorite story is, they're bound to find it in this treasure trove of carefully fractured fairy tales."
Art: Luis Royo
A Dangerous Magic
edited by Denise Little
DAW (paperback, 312 pages, $6.99 US/$8.99 Can)
Publication date: February, 1999

Denise Little's last Tekno Books anthology was Alien Pets, back in December. Looks like she'll be doing nearly one a month, just like her mentor Martin H. Greenberg. "This anthology goes straight to the hearts of fantasy and romance fans alike, with magic-crossed lovers and unearthly powers colliding -- with truly unpredictable results. Included are tales that run the gamut from a seemingly hopeless romance between a mortal and a vampire to a modern retelling of a Gaelic myth about a man who falls in love with a woman who is ugly but brilliant and good-tempered in the day, but beautiful and black-hearted at night to an intricate tale of ghost-crossed love."
Art: Luis Royo
Alien Pets
edited by Denise Little
DAW (paperback, 317 pages, $5.99/$7.99 Can)
Publication date: December 1, 1998

Denise Little is part of ubereditor Martin H. Greenberg's Tekno Books group, a publishing endeavor which produces nearly a hundred anthologies a year (and just helped celebrate Greenberg's 1000th book, DAW's Battle Magic). Her previous editorial experiences include the Irish Magic series. "This collection of stories focuses on the often-overlooked companions who travel the stars with their masters, human or otherwise. Tales of these faithful creatures vary from cuddly animals from Alpha Centauri, to genetically altered Earth animal, accompanying humans to the edge of the galaxy, and alien invaders disguised as loyal housepets."
[Cover] The Ignored
Bentley Little
1st US appearance of this British horror novel. No one ever seems to notice Bob Jones -- including his co-workers, girlfriend, and even his parents. But Bob finds he's not alone when he's accepted by a group who call themselves "The Ignored." And the vengeance they intend to wreak on society is more than enough to make them memorable... it will make a sensation. From the author of Dominion and University.
[Cover] The Arcana, Book II: Silverlight
Morgan Llywelyn & Michael Scott
Silverhand must find the Arcana -- The Spear of Light, The Stone of Destiny, The Cup of Blood, and The Sword of Flame -- to defeat The Duet, malevolent twin sorcerers. And to complete a really bitchin' dinette set.
[Cover] Strongbow: The Story of Richard and Aoife
Morgan Llywelyn
Tor paperback
A young adult tale of Richard de Clare, greatest of the Norman knights. Set in 12th-century Ireland in the years following the Norman Conquest, this is the story of Richard and Aoife, the willful Irish princess who took up a sword alongside him to defend her land.
[Cover] Pride of Lions
Morgan Llywelyn
Tor paperback
Sequel to Lion of Ireland, the story of Brian Boru, who led the bickering chiefs of Ireland to unity. Now Llwelwyn's historical chronicle of Ireland picks up in the year 1014 as 15-year-old Donough, son of the slain Brian, leads his first commmand to battle at Clontarf to establish his right to rule.
[Cover] Generation-X
Scott Lobdell & Elliot S! Maggin
Emme Frost once led a group of young mutants known as the Hellions, until they were all killed while in her care. Her guilt over their deaths is starting to threaten her new students, the teens of Generation X, as strange ghostly manifestations that resemble the Hellions are wreaking havoc throughout the campus of Professor Xaviar's school. Her new students must discover the secret behind these ghosts before it's too late.
Jeff Barson
Anne Logston
Ace (paperback, 263 pages, $6.50 US/$8.99 Can)
Publication date: April 1, 1999

A tale of romantic fantasy from the author of Firewalk and Wild Blood. "Known equally for her swordmanship and for her magical talents, Peri single-handledly rescues a prisoner from a Sarkond warriors' camp -- and finds herself the liberator of a dreaded Sarkond heretic. Now, they must depend on each other in order to survive -- and face the prophecy they are destined to fulfill, together."
[Cover] Firewalk
Anne Longston
Ace paperback
Kayli is a new member of the Order of the Inner Flame, thrust suddenly into the role of High Lady by an arranged marriage. But an awakening passion feeds the magic within her, and she becomes a target of treason. The tests before her will prove whether or not she is strong enough to control fire and her own destiny.
D. Henderson/Y. Louie
James Long
Bantam (hardcover, 339 pages, $23.95 US)
Publication date: June 8, 1999

James Long's first novel to be published in the US is the tale of an unusual love triangle. Mike and Gally are a happily married couple, despite the fears and nightmares that have plagued Gally most of her life. When they move to Penselwood Gally finds some inner peace, and in an old crumbling home there her nightmares finally stop. She makes an unusual acquaintance in Ferney, an eighty-three year old neighbor who she finds both oddly disturbing and delightful. Ferney's dead wife, also called Gally, was murdered 60 years ago, and he has never stopped searching for her... something he's done every lifetime since the reign of Elizabeth I.
[Cover] The Enemy Papers
Barry B. Longyear
White Wolf trade paper
Another tasty omnibus from White Wolf, this one collecting the complete Enemy series from Hugo and Nebula Award-winning author Barry B. Longyear. Includes the novels The Tomorrow Testament and The Last Enemy, as well as the "Director's Cut" of the original novella "Enemy Mine" (adapted as the movie of the same name), The Talman, the holy book of the Dracs, and several original essays. A hefty collection at a bargain price.
The Last Enemy
Barry Longyear
White Wolf/Borealis hard cover
A horror novel from the Hugo-award winning author of Enemy Mine.
[Cover] The Loved Dead
H. P. Lovecraft
Carroll & Graf (reprint)
H.P. Lovecraft's most famous work was with his own Cthulhu Mythos cycle, added to over the decades by some of the finest horror writers in the field. But in his day he paid the bills by collaborating with many young writers of the uncanny and eerie struggling to break into the field. Available for the first time in paperback.
[Cover] The Dream Cycle
H. P. Lovecraft
Del Rey trade paper
With an intro by Neil Gaiman, this collection brings together Lovecraft's dream stories.
[Cover] The Official Guide to the X-Files
Brian Lowry
HarperPrism trade paper
A perfect Christmas gift for the X-philes on your list. Interviews with the principals, episode synopses with background notes and reports from the Internet. folk had to pry it out of my hands--fun reading.
[Cover] The Giver
Lois Lowry
Dell Yearling
One of the best novels to cross our desk in some time, this 1994 Newbery Medal winner tells the story of a utopian community in a futuristic world where animals are mythical, family is assigned, and choice is no longer an option; Everything is Under Control. In this society there is no war or fear of pain, and everyone is given a role to serve. When Jonas turns 12 he is singled out to receive special training from The Giver, the sole citizen to hold the memories of the true pain and pleasure of life. It is time for Jonas to receive the truth about his world.
The Chopping Block
Hidden Talents
David Lubar
Tor (hardcover, 213 pages, $16.95/$23.95 Can)
Publication date: June 20, 1999

New Young Adult novel from the author of the Accidental Monsters series. "Martin has a bit of a problem respecting authority. He can't help it. It's like insulting adults is his special talent. And since Edgeview Alternative School is a warehouse for the system's freaks and rejects, Martin fits right in. That is, until he falls in with a group of five misfits who are so messed up they make the other Edgeview delinquents seem like choir boys. Even the freaks call them freaks. Unknown to the five, however, each possesses a hidden talent. A remarkable, powerful talent. Martin discovers the key that will unlock the secret of their hidden talents. And in the process he will battle his own worst enemy: himself."
[Cover] Shadow Moon
George Lucas and Chris Claremont
Bantam Spectra paperback
A paperback reprint of a traditional fantasy novel from the creator of Star Wars and Marvel X-Men writer Claremont.
[Cover] Star Wars
George Lucas
Del Rey hard cover
One of the first releases in a new Star Wars campaign along with...
[Cover] The Empire Strikes Back
Donald F. Glut (based on a story by George Lucas)
Del Rey hard cover
...volume two and then there is...
[Cover] Return of the Jedi
James Kahn (based on a story by George Lucas)
Del Rey hard cover
...volume three.
Books by Brian Lumley
[Cover] Dark Homecoming
Eric Lustbader
Pocket Books hard cover
Modern-day thriller from the author of several popular fantasy novels. Ex-NYPD detective Lew Croaker, last seen in Floating City and Second Skin, has retired to captain a Miami charter boat. But he finds himself up against the moral dilemma of a lifetime when he's offered a compatible kidney for his desperately ill niece in exchange for assassinating the ruthlessly talented killer Juan Garcia Barbacena.
Duane O. Myers
Dragon's Winter
Elizabeth A. Lynn
Ace (reprint, paperback, 341 pages, $6.50 US/$8.99 Can)
Publication date: April 1, 1999 (First Edition: April 1998)

Elizabeth A. Lynn won two World Fantasy Awards in the 1980s, for the novel Watchtower and the short story "The Woman Who Loved the Moon." But a thirteen-year sabbatical from fiction made many wonder if she'd retired. Last year she returned with the hardcover release of Dragon's Winter, making a splash in the field all over again. "Twin boys are born to the dragon king of Ippa, though only one-Karadur Atani-is born of dragon blood. But Karadur Atani will never become a dragon, for his bitter twin brother steals his talisman and leaves him trapped in the body of an ordinary man. As a powerful wizard rains death and destruction on the people of Ippa, Karadur Atani leads his warriors into war-to challenge his wizard brother and to reclaim his destiny."

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