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Stephen R. Lawhead
[Cover] Grail (The Pendragon Cycle, No. 5)
Avon/EOS paperback
Reprint of the fifth novel from the author of The Dragon King trilogy. Plague has come to Britain and King Arthur, awed by the miraculous healing power of the Grail, is determined to build a shrine for the holy cup. The evil Morgian, Queen of Air and Darkness, however, has other ideas.
Art: Dennis Lyall
The Iron Lance (The Celtic Crusades, Book 1)
HarperPrism (hardcover, 499 pages, $24/$35 Can)
Publication date: November 4, 1998

The author of Byzantium and the five-volume Pendragon cycle ramps up with the first volume in a new Celtic trilogy set in 1095 (and just when you thought the Celtic sub-genre was starting to poop out). "Amidst visions of the ancient past, a Scottish lawyer glimpses the harrowing pilgrimage of an ancestor whose fight for his family's future leads him into the terrifying maelstrom of the Crusades..." Bummer. That'll teach him to watch PBS past midnight.
From the author of Grail comes a novel of medieval intrigue and the supernatural. Aidan is an ambitious young monk, one of a band of Irish monks on a pilgrimage to bring The Book of Kells as a gift to the Holy Roman Emperor in Constantinople. Born to rule, he lost both his crown and his father's kingdom to the Danes. Before the trip he has a vision of his own death in fabled Byzantium. Only in the city itself will he find the answers.
Taliesin (The Pendragon Cycle, No 1)
The foundling Taliesin's was a leader in his small Celtic settlement, struggling for survival during the slow decline of the Roman Empire. But everything changes when he meets an exiled princess of Atlantis. Their son will change the destiny of Britain, a boy called Merlin.
Merlin (The Pendragon Cycle, No 2)
The second volume continues the story of "the Island of the Mighty, of warring battlechiefs and bloody invaders... of the hidden Hill Folk and the waning power of Rome, the Kingdom of Summer and a sword set in stone. It is the story of Britain's greatest wizard--Merlin." Through a series of grave trials, Merlin the bard and holy man prepares for the daunting task of his life's work: to bring about the Kingdom of Summer, a union of England's fragmented fiefdoms under a High King.
Arthur (The Pendragon Cycle, No 3)
Merlin has long dreamed of bringing peace to England with the Kingdom of Summer, a peaceful union under a just and firm High King. To achieve his dream, Merlin must find and train the boy whose birth the stars foretold -- a young boy named Arthur.
Pendragon (The Pendragon Cycle, No 4)
In the fourth volume King Arthur faces his greatest challenge -- a struggle against both an invading horde and a foul plague that threatens to destroy his people. It is time to prove his true abilities.
Fifth volume in the Arthurian saga that began with Taliesin, and followed with Merlin, Arthur and Pendragon, tightly weaving the story of Camelot with the Fall of Atlantis and the Decline of the Roman Empire. Arthur has claimed the throne and the Grail, but a treacherous theft steals his prize from him. A well-research and imaginative version of the myth.
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