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Holly Lisle
Art: Fred Gambino
Diplomacy of Wolves (The Secret Texts, Book One)
Warner Aspect (trade paperback, 332 pages, $12.99 US/$16.25 Can)
Publication date: November 2, 1998

Holly Lisle is the author of sixteen novels, including the popular Glenraven and Fire in the Mist. Now she begins a new trilogy set on a unique fantasy world. Kait Galweigh is a young noblewoman and diplomat, a woman with secret powers considered so cursed her own family would destroy her if they were to be revealed. Now Kait has stumbled on a sinister plot against her family -- a plot involving both human and magical forces. And the longer things go on, the more it begins to look as if the only solution is to use her latent abilities. Soon she's forced to flee, with demons on her tail and no one left to turn to -- and intrigues around every corner.
Hell on High
& Ted Nolan
Devil's Point Amusement Park is not your typical theme park. For one thing, it offers an Extinct Species Petting Zoo. And then there's the waterpark with real mermaids, the live-action role-playing park with special effects designed in Hell... and for the discriminating shopper, the ultimate Mall, with every illicit product you can imagine. And all at reasonable rates! But the real draw is Desire Point, where customers can always find exactly what they've always wanted. But of course, there's a special premium to get into Desire Point... but it's nothing you'll miss. Really.
A Bard's Tale: Wrath of the Princess
& Aaron Allston
Not to be confused with The Bard's Tale series of computer games and books, this is the story of Kin Underbridge and Halleyne dar Dero, who have survived a lengthy series of adventures to return home, where they discover the powers that shipwrecked them are now in control. They must arrange the rescue of their companions despite the odds against them.
Hunting the Corrigan's Blood
Cadence Drake woke up in a sealed station locker next to a dead body. The message was clear: don't take the job. But Cadence neither gives up nor scares easily, and now she and her partner Badger are on the trail of a stolen hypership with new and powerful technology. But the trail not only crosses paths with an assortment of violent characters, but leads Cadence to the sole place in the universe she dare not go.
[Cover] The Devil & Dan Cooley
& Walter Spence
Another light-hearted romp from Lisle and newcomer Spence.

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