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Lisa Mason
Imperium Without End (Pangaea, Book 1)
Bantam Spectra (paperback, 392 pages, $6.50/$9.99 Can)
Publication date: May 11, 1999

The latest from the author of Summer of Love and The Golden Nineties is the opening novel in a far-future SF series. "For millennia, the Imperium has held sway over Pangaea. The pure dreams of its great dreamers are used to elevate and pacify the consciousness of a society strictly divided by caste. Here eroticism is repressed for a higher cause, and sex is a shameful remnant of things past. But when Pangaea's most beloved dreamer is brutally assassinated, it's clear that a dangerous group of revolutionaries is dreaming the old dreams of violence, uninhibited sex... and freedom."
Review by Charlene Brusso
A reprint of Mason's intriguing debut novel. "A fascinating exploration of the wondrous and horrifying possibilities of a fully computerized legal system. Mechanically modified attorneys link minds to push through deals and legal decisions at lightning speed, and a young attorney discovers that the AI is plotting to steal human souls."
Golden Nineties
Bantam Spectra
The 25th century feminist Zhu Wong is sent back to San Francisco, circa 1895, rather than face murder charges. There she finds herself working for the city's most notorious madam and drawn towards the alchoholic heir to a large fortune, before events that could shake the future overtake her. Lisa's provacative speech The Elephant and the Net Cruiser is also featured this month, courtesy of Avon Nova.
[Cover] Cyber Web
Avon/EOS (reprint, trade paperback, 262 pages, $12 US/$16 Canada)
Publication date: June 10, 1998

From the author of The Golden Nineties, and Summer of Love comes the sequel to Arachne, a cyberspace adventure tale featuring the genetically enhanced attorney Carly Nolan and her robot sidekicks, Saint Download and Professor Spinner. In the first novel Carly's career was interrupted when a spiderlike phantom haunted her virtual reality trial hearings. Now she is living the life of an outlaw, subsisting on dumpster rations and hiding out from Data Control, but still determined to re-establish her legal reputation -- perhaps by taking advantage of the phantom's strange abilities. Offered a job that may be her way out, Carly soon discovers that nothing is easy as it seems -- and that the road back to her old life twists through the many underpinnings of cyberspace, past robot hit-persons, urban savages, and malevolent supercomputers.
Summer of Love
Bantam Spectra
In the nadir of the Haight-Ashbury, the novel is told from the POV of a post-ecological-disaster time traveller.

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