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L.E. Modesitt, Jr.
Stephen Youll
Gravity Dreams
Tor (hardcover, 399 pages, $24.95/$34.95 Can)
Publication date: July 12, 1999

Modesitt is one of the most prolific of modern SF and fantasy authors, with about a zillion current series on the go. His latest is a stand-alone action adventure. "Set in the distant future on Earth, our hero, Tyndel, born and raised in a conservative and rigidly structured religious culture, is exiled to a more technologically advanced civilization. He must adjust quickly to this space-faring civilization, which his own righteous nation considers evil and peopled by demons. Fortunately, he has the rare talent required to become a space pilot. What no one expects, least of all Tyndel, is that he might meet God, or at least a vastly superior being, in space."
Darell K. Sweet
The White Order (The Saga of Recluse, Book 8)
Tor (reprint, paperback, 468 pages, $6.99/$8.99 Can)
Publication date: April, 1999 (First Edition: May 1998)

I'll admit I haven't been too interested in Modessitt's lengthy fantasy series. But the latest volume Colors of Chaos -- and Ken Newquist's review this issue -- have done a great deal to pique my interest. "A powerful new addition to the "Recluse" saga. Cerryl, a boy orphaned when the powerful white mages killed his amateur-magician father, witnesses a white mage destroying a renegade magician. Realizing that he is no longer safe where he is, Cerryl goes to the city of Fairhaven to find his destiny -- to become one of the great magicians of his age."
Review by Ken Newquist
Art: Darrell K. Sweet
Colors of Chaos (Saga of Recluce, Volume Nine)
Tor (hardcover, 634 pages, $27.95 US/$35.95 Can)
Publication date: January 14, 1999

The direct sequel to The White Order is a thick new fantasy from the man who never likes to have less than three series on the go at any one time. "Cerryl, now a full mage in the White Order, must prove himself indispensable to Jeslek, the High Wizard. Whether through assassination, effective governance of occupied territory, or the fearless and clever direction of troops in battle, Cerryl faces many harrowing obstacles, not the least of which is Anya, the plotting seductress who's the real power behind the scenes of the white wizards. With his wits, his integrity, and the support of his love, the Black healer Leyladin, he must survive long enough to claim his rightful spot within the ruling hierarchy of the White Order."
Nicholas Jainschigg
The Ghost of the Revelator (Of Tangible Ghosts, Book 2)
Tor (reprint, paperback, 308 pages, $6.50/$8.99 Can)
Publication date: May 18, 1999 (First Edition: September 1998)

L.E. Modesitt is perhaps the most ambitious novelist working in the field of SF and Fantasy, with nearly half a dozen open-ended series on the go (including the 9-volume Recluse Saga, The Spellsong Cycle, and The Ecolitan Matter), as well as a healthy side career as an author of standalone SF novels (see Gravity Dreams, above). His sequel to Of Tangible Ghosts is set in the same intriguing alternate world where ghosts are real, America doesn't exist, and the landscape of North America is thick with nation-states and espionage... "Johann Eschbach, former secret agent now university professor, and his wife find life-threatening danger and international intrigue in an invitation to visit the country of Deseret. The only thing that might save them lies in the physical nature of ghosts, and the secret Johann knows about that nature."
Series Review by Peter D. Tillman
[Cover] The Spellsong War (Spellsong Cycle, No. 2)
Tor hard cover
Second novel in the Spellsong Cycle, sequel to The Soprano Sorceress. Modesitt is also the bestselling author of The Recluce Saga, making this the second fantasy series he now has on the go -- in addition to his regular SF novels and Ecolitan books. A busy guy, indeed. "Anna Marshal, who has been pulled by a sorcerer from her boring life as a music instructor in Ames, Iowa, to the world of Erde, is now regent for the kingdom of Defalk. Now she must defend Defalk against the greedy rulers of neighboring kingdoms who see it as a weakened state."
[Cover] The White Order (The Recluse Saga, Volume 8)
Tor hard cover
Eighth (*choke*) volume in the Recluse Saga. Egads. Fortunately, these books tend to be more standalone than most traditional fantasy. "Cerryl, a boy orphaned when the powerful white mages killed his amateur-magician father, witnesses a white mage destroying a renegade magician. Realizing that he is no longer safe where he is, Cerryl goes to the city of Fairhaven to find his destiny -- to become one of the great magicians of his age."
The Ecolitan Enigma
Tor hard cover
Latest SF novel from one of the most versatile writers in the field, author of the epic fantasy Recluce series, Of Tangible Ghosts, and hard SF such as The Parafaith War. This is the fourth novel in The Ecolitan Matter series, which began with The Ecologic Envoy. In a galaxy divided by power blocks, governments, federations, alliances, and subterfuge, the impartial Ecolitan Institute stands alone as a foundation in moral courage. But does it have the willingness and strength to commit a first strike against an enemy that may kill millions of innocents?
Feature Review
The Ecologic Succession
Third novel in the series, originally printed in June 1990.
The Ecolitan Operation
Reprint of the 1989 novel, second in the Ecologic series.
The Ecologic Envoy
First novel in the Ecologic series, tales of the future Ecologic Institute and its struggles against the forces of ignorance and evil.
The Magic of Recluce (Recluce, Vol. 1)
First volume in the popular and finely-detailed fantasy series from a versatile author of SF and fantasy. Young Lerris is bored with his simple life on the island of Recluce, and so is forced into temporary exile to come to terms with his feelings. Soon he falls in with a wizard and mentor who straddles the line between white Chaos and black Order, and eventually crosses paths with the great chaos-master Antonin, a man who schemes to create disorder to nurture his own power.
The Towers of the Sunset (Recluce, Vol. 2)
Set centuries earlier than the first volume, this books tells the story of the founding of the magical society on the island of Recluce, and the rise of Order magic.
The Magic Engineer (Recluce, Vol. 3)
Third volume in the series.
A Fall of Angels (Recluce, Vol. 4)
Fourth volume in the popular series.
The Soprano Sorceress
Tor hard cover
The first in a new series from the versatile author of the Recluce novels. Modesitt is also a succecssful SF writer, whose most recent release in that category is Adiamante.
[Cover] Fall of Angels
Tor hard cover
A new Recluce novel that goes back to the founding of the Empire of the Legend--and how magic came into the world.
[Cover] The Parafaith War
Tor paperback
Another author attempts to peer into the tangled web that SF weaves when considering the roles between the secular and the sacred.
The Death of Chaos
Tor paperback
Recluce is back in this newest installment in the wars between the White Wizards of Chaos and the Black Wizards of the Order. Another good series for fans of Robert Jordan with a complex magic system and strong characters.
[Cover] The Order War
Tor paperback
A new novel in Saga of Recluce, "in this fourth tale set in Modesitt's universe, where good and evil, chaos and order, are in perpetual conflict, a young wizard finds that his destiny is to strike a balance, but at considerable personal cost". (Publishers Weekly)
The Magic Engineer
Tor paperback
It's the third Recluce novel.
[Cover] Of Tangible Ghosts
Tor paperback
As an alternate history-mystery-ghost story, it's very good.
[Cover] Hammer of Darkness
Tor paperback
Reprinted space opera from the author of the Recluce series, it's blurbed as "interstellar adventure in a galaxy of gods and spaceships".

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