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A Completely Different Place
Perry Nodelman
Simon & Schuster hard cover
This sequel to 1995's The Same Place but Different has Cheryl Zennor one again joining with her former classmate from Winnipeg, Johnny Nesbitt. Cheryl has been kidnapped by some rather nasty fairies to take care of dozens of unwanted children, and it's up to Johnny to rescue the whole group. Unfortunately, the summoning that brought him also made him the size of a bug.
[Cover] Automated Alice
Jeff Noon
Crown hard cover
Alice in Wonderland, seen through the lens of the madcap author of Vurt and Pollen.
[Cover] Vurt
Jeff Noon
M and S
Hot title, hot author, some say it defines VR for readers. Me, I tried 50 pages and tossed it into a corner.
Romas Kukalis
Dark Nadir (Sholan Alliance, Book 5)
Lisanne Norman
DAW (paperback, 597 pages, $6.99/$8.99 Can)
Publication date: March 1, 1999

Fifth novel in the adventure series. The cover of this one strongly reminds me of the pulp adventures of the 40s -- not a bad thing at all. "The world of Jalna had revealed many secrets to the Sholan-Human teams sent there on a rescue mission. Yet the planetary conflicts had led to the injured Carrie and Kusac being placed in cryo on a non-Sholan vessel, with Kaid desperately trying to rush them back to Sholan medical facilities. But before they could reach their rendezvous point, the ship they were on was caught in a Valtegan trap, leaving Kaid barely enough time to send Carrie's and Kusac's life-pods into space, in the hope that they'd be found by friendly forces. Kaid was certain he and his people were doomed, until a massive vessel suddenly materialized, scooping up both Kaid's ship and the Valtegan foe. Now all of them were prisoners of a completely unknown people. And only time would tell whether they'd fallen into the clutches of an even more deadly enemy than the Valtegans... "
[Cover] Razor's Edge
Lisanne Norman
DAW paperback
The fourth novel in Lisanne Norman's "Sholan Alliance" series follows Turning Point, Fortune's Wheel, and Fire Margins. Those of you who enjoy SF adventure in the heavy-duty economy size finally have another lengthy series to snuggle up with during the long winter months. "Still adjusting to the revelations about its long-buried past, the Sholan race must now also face the increasing numbers and independence of the new human-Sholan telepathic pairs."
[Cover] Fortune's Wheel
Lisanne Norman
DAW paperback
The sequel to the author's first book Turning Point.
Books by Andre Norton
Are All the Giants Dead?
Cary Norton
Harcourt Brace/Magic Carpet paperback
Classic young adult fantasy from the author of The Borrowers.
[Cover] The Borrowers
Mary Norton
Odyssey/Harcourt Brace (reprint, trade paperback, 180 pages, $6 US/$8 Canada)
Publication date: January, 1998

One of the great classics of young adult fantasy, written in 1953 and brought back into print in handsome new editions in time for the Disney movie. The Borrowers are... well, they're powerful small. And resourceful. Living under the kitchen floor of a human home, sleeping in matchboxes and hanging postage stamps on the wall as paintings, the Borrowers live a happy life subsisting off of what they can borrow from the "human beans" above. But when one day father Pod is seen, their comfortable life is suddenly over. Everyone is after the Borrowers -- except for the one person who can help them. And so the desperate Borrowers must trust their fate to that most dreaded of creatures: a young human bean. From the author of Are All the Giants Dead? and the classic Bed-Knob and Broomstick.
[Cover] The Borrowers Afield
Mary Norton
Odyssey/Harcourt Brace (reprint, trade paperback, 215 pages, $6 US/$8 Canada)
Publication date: January, 1998

Second in Norton's five-volume Borrower series. Driven out of their comfy home by the rat catcher, the Borrowers find themselves homeless, lost and alone in a frightening new world: the outdoors. Their quest to find a new home will bring them into contact with dangers they never imagined: cows, moths, field mice... and worse.
The Borrowers Afloat
Mary Norton
Odyssey/Harcourt Brace (reprint, trade paperback, 191 pages, $6 US/$8 Canada)
Publication date: January, 1998

When the family they've found to live with moves out of their cozy cottage, the Borrowers are once again without a livelihood, and forced to find a new home. With the help of the wild Borrower boy Spiller, they make a harrowing journey down the cottage drain and to the outdoors once again.
The Borrowers Aloft
Mary Norton
Odyssey/Harcourt Brace (reprint, trade paperback, 224 pages, $6 US/$8 Canada)
Publication date: January, 1998

A novel and short story ("Poor Stainless") featuring the further adventures of the Borrowers, in which the family is kidnapped by the villainous Platters and held captive in an attic, and the youngest boy is discovered missing.
The Borrowers Avenged
Mary Norton
Odyssey/Harcourt Brace (reprint, trade paperback, 298 pages, $6 US/$8 Canada)
Publication date: January, 1998

The last and longest tale of the Borrowers. Escaping at last from the attic where they had been held captive over the long, dark winter, the Borrowers set up house in an old rectory. But they'll never be safe until the Platters cease to search for them, and to set them off for good will require a plan... an ingenious plan, brilliantly executed.
The Outer Limits, Volume 3
Debbie Notkin & Roger Stewart
Prima/Proteus trade paper
Third anthology of new stories inspired by the late-night SF show. Check out the Outer Limits website.
[Cover] Masquerade
Kate Novak & Jeff Grubb
TSR paperback
It's a new Harpers novel.
The Dragonlover's Guide to Pern
Jody Lynn Nye & Anne McCaffrey
Ballantine Del Rey trade paper
In case you ever want to visit, everything you want to know about Pern. Co-authored by a native. Non-fiction (or so we're told).
[Cover] The Ship Errant
Jody Lynn Nye
Baen hard cover
Jody teamed up with Anne McCaffrey for The Ship Who Won, but goes solo for this sequel. Finding intelligent life on Ozran may not be all it's cracked up to be for Carialle and Keff.
[Cover] The Magic Touch
Jody Lynn Nye
Warner Aspect paperback
Ray Crandall goes to work for his grandmother's charity, the Fairy Godmothers Union. Soon he is caught up in a "turf war of miracles" with a street gang with the power of the Djin.
Signal to Noise
Eric S. Nylund
Avon Eos (reprint, paperback, 371 pages, $6.99/8.99 Can)
Publication date: June 8, 1999 (First Edition: 1998)

Fourth novel from the author of the highly original Dry Water, Pawn's Dream, A Game of Universe, and the upcoming A Signal Shattered. "When computer cryptographer Jack Potter discovers an alien message in the hiss of deep space radiation streaming past the Earth, it signals a new age in interplanetary commerce. Soon Jack enters into a partnership that attracts governments, multinationals, and other mysterious players. They all want a piece of the action--and they're willing to kill to get it."
Review by Greg L. Johnson
[Cover] Dry Water
Eric S. Nylund
Avon/EOS paperback
Larry Ngitis is a writer with a real gift: precognition, of a sort. When his ability reveals to him the future of his current relationship, he packs up and heads for the sleepy town of Dry Water, New Mexico. There he hopes to get his life and career back on track -- that is, until he encounters a tenacious lightning storm with a personal vendetta against him, the knowing ghost of gunslinger Matt Carlson, a witch, a mage-necromancer, and assorted spirits, all of whom seem to believe Larry is the prophet of local legend -- returned to reveal the source of a mystical, magical spring of dry water. Note the special introductory price of $3.99 (US and Canadian). With a plot summary and a price like that, you can't afford not to try it.
[Cover] A Game of Universe
Eric Nylund
Avon Books paperback
An unusual fantasy from the author of Pawn's Dream. Germain is one of thirteen people given a daunting task: find the Holy Grail within a year. To succeed means winning an entire planetary system, but failure means losing your soul. However, the down-on-his-luck assassin has a hidden advantage -- the ability to absorb the consciousness and knowledge of his victims.

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