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Larry Niven
[Cover] Great Science Fiction Stories: "Rammer"
read by Pat Bottino
Infinivox audio
Jerome Corbell is awakened 200 years after being frozen to find himself in someone else's body, and chosen to train as a rammer, a starship pilot. Should he fail, the state would terminate him and turn over his adopted body to someone else. Classic SF from the author of Ringworld and The Integral Trees, this short story was later expanded into Niven's novel A World Out Of Time.
Bob Eggleton
Rainbow Mars
Tor (hardcover, 316 pages, $24.95/$34.95)
Publication date: March 19, 1999

Latest from one of hard SF's most popular practitioners, author of Destiny Road and Ringworld. "Hanville Svetz was born into a future to match the sorriest prediction of Greenpeace. Most life forms are extinct. It is Svetz's job to go back in time and retrieve them, or at least it was until his Institute for Tempoarl Research was transferred. Now, with a new boss obsessed with stars and planets, Svetz must figure out why the Martian canals have gone dry, and what it means for Earth's future. And yes Mars was inhabited! When Svetz learns how their sapient species were wiped out, he realizes that Earth could soon fall victim to a similar fate. Together with his dog Wrona, a visitor from the distant past, and Milya, an astronaut with her own complex history, Svetz must struggle to unravel a puzzle that will tax not just his rational mind, but the very limits of his imagination."
[Cover] Destiny's Road
Tor (reprint, paperback, 433 pages, $6.99 US/$8.99 Canada)
Publication date: May 1998

The acclaimed hard SF author of Ringworld, The Integral Trees, and the popular Man-Kzin Wars series brings us a stand-alone piece set on a brand new world. Destiny was abandoned to its fate by the colony ship that brought the first settlers there years ago. Life has been hard since, but not impossible. But Jemmy Blocher's quiet life in Destiny's main community of Spiral Town is shattered when he accidentally kills a labourer in a tavern fight, and he finds himself on the run to unknown parts of the planet.
Review by Marc Goldstein
Ringworld Throne
Del Rey paperback
Third in the classic series began in 1970 (was it that long ago?) with Ringworld and continued with The Ringworld Engineers.
[Cover] Three Books of Known Space
Del Rey paperback
The omnibus re-issue of World of Ptavvs, A Gift from Earth and Tales of Know Space, it's cheaper than the three single novels.
Beowulf's Children
and Jerry Pournelle, Steven Barnes
Tor paperback
The paperback version of the sequel to The Legacy of Heorot finally arrives.
Del Rey paperback
It combines The Patchwork Girl and The Woman in Del Rey Crater with The Long Arm of Gil Hamilton.


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