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Andre Norton
Thomas Canty
The Shadow of Albion
& Rosemary Edghill
Tor (hardcover, 349 pages, $23.95 US/$33.95 Can)
Publication date: April 14, 1999

An unusual first collaboration between two popular fantasy authors. "Baltimore, 1805. When young Sarah Cunningham's father dies, she leaves behind her few friends and heads across the ocean to the hope of a new life in England. But her journey will carry her much farther than a mere ocean's width. For as she crosses the Atlantic, powerful magics are being worked by Lady Sarah Roxbury. Lying on her deathbed, Roxbury casts a spell that will summon her counterpart from the universe-next-door... summoning Sarah into a world where the Stuart kings still rule England, where Baltimore and the original thirteen United States are still British colonies, where Napoleon runs rampant on the European continent. A world where she is the Lady Roxbury."
[Cover] Ciara's Song (A Chronicle of the Witch World)
with Lyn McConchie
Warner Aspect paperback
I'm fond of numbering series entries for this column, but I just lost count here. The Witch World series must have nearly thirty volumes by now. Still, there are few writers alive who can tell a story like Andre Norton. "Ciara of Elmsgarth is only a small girl when the edict is carried out to kill all with Witch blood. As a mob murders her family, Ciara is rescued and protected by the powerful Lord Tarnoor and his son, Trovagh. As the years pass, Ciara and Trovagh grow to love each other and marry, raising children of their own. Then an evil sorcerer rises to power, and his vendetta against Ciara threatens all she loves." Norton and McConchie are the authors of The Keys of the Keplian.
Art: Hal Just
Scent of Magic
Avon/EOS (hardcover, 361 pages, $23 US/$30 Canada)
Publication date: September 9, 1998

Andre Norton is an institution. She's been publishing SF & fantasy for six decades, and can plot her way around most writers today in her sleep. Check out her latest and you'll understand. "Sixteen-year-old Willadene is an orphan working in the merchant city of Kronengerd as a scullery maid in an inn. Lonely and mistreated, she finds friendship with Dame Halwice, the owner of a nearby spice shop -- a woman who is already helping her hone a strange and intriguing ability, an amazingly acute sense of smell. The city is rich in odors, many of which carry magical potential for good or evil, and when a mysterious stranger is found unconscious on the floor of the shop, it's not long before Willadene is pulled into a swirling web of court intrigue, royal romance, and black magic."
Derelict for Trade
and Sherwood Smith
Tor hard cover
A new tale in the Solar Queen series, from a Grand Master of SF and the co-author of the The Thrones of Kronos
The Warding of Witch World
Billed as the final Witch World novel, the third book in the Secrets of the Witch World trilogy has teams of mages racing to stop a flood of evil.
[Cover] Elvenblood
and Mercedes Lackey
Tor paperback
The sequel to Elvenbane, The Library Journal writes: "the talents of collaborators Norton and Lackey blend seamlessly as they expand the background to their epic fantasy".
[Cover] The Magestone
and Mary H. Schaub
Warner Aspect
Another novel in the Secrets of the Witch World (see also The Keys of Keplian).
[Cover] Firehand
and P.M. Griffin
Tor paperback
Yahoo, a new Ross Murdoch (Time Traders) novel.


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