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Melanie Rawn
[Cover] The Mageborn Traitor (Exiles Trilogy, Volume 2)
DAW paperback
Paperback reprint of the latest novel in the new fantasy series by the bestselling author of the Dragon Prince and Dragon Star trilogies. The Mage Guardians have survived the war and now Mage Captal Cailet and her sister Sarra struggle to rebuild their society. Though defeated, their enemies the Malerissi have not been destroyed, and once again start weaving a web with which to entangle the entire world.

The Dragon Star Book I: Stronghold
First volume in a weighty SF trilogy from the author of the popular Dragon Prince and Exiles series. In a world of magic and sorcery a generation of peace is about to be shattered by a seemingly unstoppable invader. Followed by The Dragon Token and Skybowl.
The Dragon Star Book II: The Dragon Token
Second volume of the bestselling series. Forced to retreat, the High Prince manages to rally his troops against the invaders. But ancient rivalries soon begin to weaken his shaky alliances, and there are traitors in his own ranks. Already forced to abandon his castles and towns, it's up to Prince Pol to combine the efforts of his warriors, Sunrunners' magic, and the dragons to defeat the invaders and save his kingdom.
The Golden Key
and Jennifer Roberson & Kate Elliott
A suprisingly effective collaboration between three of the biggest names in fantasy. Set in a world modeled on medieval Italian, Spanish and Portuguese cultures, this novel of love, power, politics and sorcery was nominated for this year's World Fantasy Award. In a story that spans centuries, it tells the tale of Sario Grijalva, one of the master painters of the Grijalva family, whose art that can alter Reality -- a secret Gift passed down for generations and always used for good. But Sario has decided to use his power for his own dark ambitions. Woven together with independent subplots of love, Machiavellian intrigue, and magic, this is a suspenseful one-volume trilogy.
Exiles 2: The Mageborn Traitor
Sequel to Exiles 1: The Ruins of Ambral from the popular master of epic SF.
Exiles 1: The Ruins of Ambral
The Mageborn colonize a planet and hope for peace, free from persecution. Daw releases Exiles 2: The Mageborn Traitor this month, so we can assume not everything went according to plan...


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