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Mike Resnick
[Cover] Great Science Fiction Stories: For I Have Touched the Sky (Tales of Kirinyaga #2)
Infinivox audio
The second Kirinyaga story to get the Infinivox audio treatment is another of Resnick's classic and disturbing tales of Koriba, the Kikuyu witch doctor who has lead his tribe from Africa to a utopian planetoid where they may finally pursue their own destiny. This time Koriba faces one of his greatest challenges in Kamari, a brilliant young child who wishes to embrace the science and technology the Kikuyu have chosen to leave behind.
Del Rey (hardcover, 293 pages, $25 US/$35 Canada)
Publication date: March, 1998

In 1987, Mike Resnick submitted a short story to a proposed anthology of Utopia stories to be edited by Orson Scott Card. The story was "Kirinyaga," the tale of a visionary African scientist and witch doctor named Koriba, who lead his people out of a polluted and overcrowded Africa of the 22nd century to a new Utopia: a terraformed planetoid. It won Resnick his first Hugo Award. It was to be followed by nine more stories, virtually all of them Hugo or Nebula Award nominees or winners, making the Kirinyaga series perhaps the most honored in SF history. Now Resnick has collected the entire series into a single "novel," subtitled "A Fable of Utopia."
[Cover] Great Science Fiction Stories: Tales of Kirinyaga #1
Infinivox audio
The Infinivox audiobook series has already presented a winning collection of great SF tales in a trip-friendly short audio format, and this month their collection grows with two fine additions. Tales of Kirinyaga #1 includes two short stories, the Hugo Award-winning "Kirinyaga" & "One Perfect Morning, with Jackals." These are the first two stories in the Mike Resnick's controversial Kirinyaga cycle, set on a planet where the Kenyan tribe of Kikuyu strive mightily to preserve their way of life, under the watchful eye of the tribe witch doctor and scientist, Koriba.
[Cover] A Hunger in the Soul
Tor hard cover
The cover of this one tells me more than the terse plot synopsis. It's a jungle adventure set on an alien world, as tough-guy Robert Markham penetrates the thick and hostile foliage of the alien world of "Bushveld" (good grief) in search of the mysterious Dr. Michael Drake, the lost scientist who may be mankind's only hope of salvation from a terrifying new plague. I'm sure I've seen this episode of Tarzan. Several times. But no doubt Resnick brings his own spin to the '30s jungle saga. From the author of Inferno and Kirinyaga.
The Widowmaker Unleashed (Widowmaker Trilogy, Volume 3)
Mike Resnick
Bantam Spectra (paperback, 231 pages, $5.99 US/$7.99 Can)
Publication date: September 14, 1998

Third novel in Resnick's series featuring the most feared bounty hunter in the galaxy. After a century spent in cryogenic freeze, Jefferson Nighthawk has a new lease on life -- and new enemies who want him dead... From the author of The Widowmaker Reborn and Kirinyaga.
The Widowmaker Reborn (Widowmaker Trilogy, No 2)
Bantam Spectra
Jefferson Nighthawk is known as the Widowmaker, the most famed bounty hunter in the galaxy. He was abandoned by his employers after an assignment went spectacularly awry. Cloned as a 23-year-old, his keepers have created a new version of the Widowmaker, this one trained to be much deadlier than his predecessor, and sent him after a kidnap victim. Volume two in a proposed trilogy.
Feature Review
Return of the Dinosaurs
& Martin H. Greenberg, ed.
Just in time for the arrival of The Lost World arrives an anthology of new stories by fantasy and SF writers as Melanie Rawn, Jennifer Roberson, Kristine Kathryn Rusch and Gene Wolf.
Alternate Tyrants
History may be full of tyrants, but just how far apart are tyranny and heroism?. Twenty of SF's finest offer up alternate-history tales of despots that never were: the Alternate Tyrants. This is what science fiction is for.
A tense science fiction adventure from the award-winning author of Second Contact.
[Cover] The Widowmaker
Bantam Spectra
The Nighthawk is the most infamous bounty hunter in the galaxy, frozen for over a century as he awaits the cure for a deadly disease. But for one last mission he has been cloned into the body of a twenty-three year-old. Although he has all his predecessor's instincts and skills, he lacks the years of experience that might be the one thing that can keep him alive.
[Cover] A Miracle of Rare Design
After being discovered spying on a secret alien ritual, Xavier William Lennox was tortured and left for death as a warning to other humans. Now recovered, he seeks to learn just what it is these aliens are trying to hide.

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