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Jennifer Roberson
Jim Burns
Sword-Born (Tiger and Del, Volume 5)
DAW (reprint, paperback, 416 pages, $6.99/$8.99 Can)
Publication date: March 1, 1999 (First Edition: March 1998)

The saga of Tiger and Del began with Sword-Dancer and continued in Sword-Breaker, Sword-Maker, Sword-Singer. "Exiled from both the North and the South, Southron sword-dancer Tiger and Northern sword-singer Del have set sail to search for Tiger's homeland. But no journey is ever without complications for Tiger and Del. Shipwrecked, nearly drowned, abducted by pirates, bedeviled by magic and those who would use the pair to their own ends, the two finally do arrive at their destination. But before their quest is over, Tiger must face a truth about himself which may prove more dangerous than any sword-dance."

Daughter of the Lion
Reprint of one of the central novels in the lengthy dynastic fantasy Chronicles of the Cheysuli, which also includes A Pride of Princes and A Tapestry of Lions.
A Pride of Princes (Chronicles of the Cheysuli, Vol. 5)
Fifth volume in the series. "The prophecy of the Firstborn has shaped the lives of the Cheysuli nobility since the beginning of their kind. Now the time has come for the three Cheysuli sons of Homana's current ruler to fulfill their destinies. The price if even one of them fails will be the total destruction of their kingdom."
A Tapestry of Lions (Chronicles of the Cheysuli, Vol. 8)
The eighth and final chapter of the Chronicles of the Cheysuli. "After generations of striving toward the genetic quest of recreating the magical race that had once held sway in the lands ruled by Homana, Kellin, heir to Homana's throne, has only to sire an offspring to complete this goal. But Kellin wants nothing to do with his magical destiny."
Highwaymen: Robbers and Rogues
A new anthology featuring "dashing and intriguing anti-heroes," certainly an original choice. Inspired by Alfred Noyes's famous poem, the selected tales span subjects from the strictly human to the supernatural. Well worth a look.
Lady of the Glen
High fantasy from a versatile author.


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