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The Haunting of Holroyd Hill
Brenda Seabrooke
Puffin Books
When her family moves to the Virginia countryside, eleven-year-old Melinda finds it hard to adjust to her new life on Holroyd Hill. It's not made any easier when she discovers a ghost inhabiting their house. Together with her older brother and their new friend Dan, she must work to solve the mystery of the Civil War-era phantom, a mystery which in turn leads to many discoveries.
Power Vector
Gyla Beth Seal & January Taylor
Royal Fireworks Press trade paper
A new young adult fantasy from the authors of Works of Thy Hands.
[Cover] Hercules: The First Casualty
David L. Seidman
Boulevard paperback
It appears that someone is posing as Hercules and causing a great deal of trouble for the demigod. But Hercules isn't exactly easy to imitate. It would take someone with superhuman powers of trickery and deception... another god, for example.
Art: Jim Burns
Tales from Tethedril
edited by Scott Siegel
Del Rey (paperback, 294 pages, $6.99 US/$8.99 Can)
Publication date: August, 1998 (First Printing: )

Something of a curiosity, even among themed collections. It's not unusual for a shared world anthology to build on a trilogy or even single novel of a famous writer... but here Siegel has assembled an original anthology to expand on "God's Law," a single previously unpublished short story from fantasy author R. A. Salvatore, author of The Demon Awakens and The Demon Spirit Contributors helping to explore this new fantasy world include Elaine Cunningham, Christie Golden, Ed Greenwood, Mary H. Herbert, Mary Kirchoff, Douglas Niles, Nick O'Donohoe, and Dan Parkinson."
[Cover] Adventures In The Twilight Zone
Carol Serling, ed.
DAW paperback
Here is another self-explanatory title.
Books by William Shatner
Books by Robert Sheckley
Books by Charles Sheffield
Books by Rick Shelley
Irving Freeman
Beast of the Heartland
Lucius Shepard
Four Walls Eight Windows (paperback, 292 pages, $10.95 US)
Publication date: March 29, 1999

Published as Barnacle Bill the Spacer in the UK, this collection includes that Hugo Award winning tale and six others. From the author of Life During Wartime. "The fiction of Lucius Shepard has more to do with Joseph Conrad than Isaac Asimov. Fascinated by deception and decay, and generally labeled a cyberpunk writer, his work transcends the limits of genre fiction. Beast of the Heartland contains seven tales that explore the darkside where science fiction meets horror. Headed by the award-winning "Barnacle Bill the Spacer," a story of high-space mutiny, the book includes "A Little Night Music," a gothic tale of insanity; "All the Perfumes of Araby," where an adventurer in the Middle East links up with an ancient entity; "Human History," a post-apocalyptic chiller; "Sports in America," a noir tale in the Chandler tradition; "The Sun Spider," a mini space opera; and the title story -- an ingenious picture of a battered boxer on the decline."
Escape From Roksamur
Greg Shephard
Debut fantasy novel from Baen.
[Cover] Spirit Ride
Mark Sheppard
Baen paperback
Fast bikes, fast horses, and a quick read.
Books by Josepha Sherman
[Cover] Dogland
Will Shetterly
Tor (reprint, trade paperback, 445 pages, $15.95 US/$21.95 Canada)
Publication date: August 1998

Will Shetterly is the author of the Borderlands novels Elsewhere and Nevernever. He also wrote Cats Have No Lord and co-created the popular Liavek anthology series, among his other accomplishments. But you'd never know that from this carefully crafted mainstream lookalike. Tor has packaged the trade paperback release of this thoughtful fantasy novel as a work of American magic realism and culture clash -- even going so far as to place a rather amusing Knopf-like hound on the spine. Whether it will work or not, allowing the under-appreciated Shetterly to reach a more mainstream (and presumably wider) audience, is anyone's guess. But you should certainly not let this book get away simply because it's been mistakenly filed next to William Faulkner at your local bookshop. Set in Florida in 1959, it introduces the Nix family who manage to outrage the locals with their Dogland tourist attraction, a place where all dog breeds can live side by side -- as well as their outspoken beliefs on integration. Told in hindsight by the four-year old Chris Nix, it a look at a dark period of US history... and a place where the quest for tolerance, magic, and the Fountain of Youth could come together.
[Cover] Nevernever
Will Shetterly
Tor paperback
It's a novel of the Borderlands and a sequel to Elsewhere.
Books by Sharon Shinn
Cliff Nielsen
Thief of Souls
Neal Shusterman
Tor (hardcover, 256 pages, $21.95/$30.95 Can)
Publication date: April 16, 1999

Young Adult offering from the author of The Dark Side of Nowhere, The Eyes of Kid Midas, and Mindquakes. When six youths accidentally ingest the contents of a fallen star, can movie-quality special effects be far behind? "Six teenagers are horrified to discover that an evil force has taken control of them. A force that feeds on them hungrily and finds its only outlet in the blind desire to destroy. The force must be destroyed. But how?"
Review by Georges T. Dodds
Mindtwisters : Stories to Shred Your Head
Neal Shusterman
Tor trade paper
A new collection of bizarre and paranormal stories from the author of Mindquakes, Mindstorms, and The Dark Side of Nowhere.
The Dark Side of Nowhere
Neal Shusterman
Little Brown hard cover
Fourteen-year-old Jason faces a whopper of an identity crisis when he discovers he'd is the child of aliens left on earth after a botched invasion. And I thought my teen angst was bad.
Books by Susan Shwartz

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