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R.A. Salvatore
Allan Pollack
The Demon Apostle (DemonWars, Book Three)
Del Rey (hardcover, 456 pages, $25/$35 Can)
Publication date: March 17, 1999

The concluding volume to the fast-action series that began with The Demon Awakens and The Demon Spirit. "It is a time of mourning. A time of hope. With the demon dactyl and its foul minions defeated, the war-weary citizens of the kingdom of Honce-the-Bear wish only to bury their dead and begin rebuilding their broken lives. Yet the fragile balance between church and state lies shattered. The specter of civil war haunts the ravaged land --and a specter more fearsome still. For the demon, though defeated, was not destroyed. And now its vengeful spirit has found an unholy sanctuary at the very heart of the Abellican Church. As the elf-trained ranger Elbryan Wynden presses north to reclaim the savage Timberlands from retreating goblin hordes, and his companion, Pony, mistress of gemstone magic, turns south to the civilized -- but no less perilous -- streets of Palmaris, they find themselves caught up in a ruthless power struggle to decide the fate of all Corona. A struggle that will push their courage and love to the breaking point... and beyond."
Tarzan: The Epic Adventures
Del Rey
A novel based on the new TV series from the author of The Demon Awakens and the TSR Drow novels. The master of the underdark turns his hand to the jungle, and Tarzan must face the reptilian armies of the Mahars. Hmmm, surface warriors take on armies from the underworld...
Art: Eric Peterson
Echoes of the Fourth Magic (Ynis Aielle, Book One)
Del Rey (reprint, paperback, 333 pages, $6.99/$8.99 Can)
Publication date: November, 1998 (First Printing: 1990)

Salvatore (The Demon Wakes, Sojourn ) is a rapidly rising star in the fantasy firmament, and Del Rey knows a good thing when it sees one. This is a re-release of his first fantasy novel (albeit not the first one he published), to be followed by a brand new sequel in Fall 1999, The Witch's Daughter. "Jeff "Del" DelGuidice was proud of his assignment to the research submarine The Unicorn. But his mission had barely begun when the vessel was sucked into a mysterious undersea void where time stood still, before propelling it forward, through the centuries. The crew surfaced in a strange, magical world changed forever by nuclear holocaust. Here a race of angelic beings had taken pity on the remnants of humankind, offering a chosen few a precious second chance. Thus the Isle of Hope was raised from the poisoned seas and set like a jewel in Earth's ravaged crown. But the jewel had a flaw, a dark vein of evil. For a sinister expert of the mystical arts had embraced the forbidden third magic, the most deadly sorcery of all."
The Demon Awakens
Del Rey hard cover
A brand new fantasy world and tale from the author of the the Dark Elf Trilogy and The Crimson Shadow. On the violent landscape of a world hurtling towards the apocalypse, a group of wanderers are united in a desperate bid for survival, destined to face the ultimate conflict together.
[Cover] The Dragon King
Warner Aspect hard cover
Here is volume three of the Crimson Shadow series Volume two, Luthien's Gamble, has just been released in paperback.
[Cover] Passage to Dawn
TSR hard cover
It's the third volume in the Forgotten Realms series featuring Drizzt and Cattie-brie; following Starless Night and Siege of Darkness.
[Cover] Luthein's Gamble
Warner Aspect paperback
Now for volume two in The Crimson Shadow series and a must for fans of Salvatore's TSR work...
[Cover] The Sword of Bedwyr
Warner Aspect paperback
It's volume one of a new series.
[Cover] Seige of Darkness
TSR paperback
It's the newest addition to the Forgotten Realms series that includes The Legacy and Starless Night.

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