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William Shatner
Get a Life!
with Chris Kreski
Pocket (hardcover, 321 pages, $24/$35.50 Can)
Publication date: June 1, 1999

It's gutsy, you have to give it that. While many of the actors affiliated with the Star Trek phenomenon have either embraced or fed the craze, Shatner has for the most part spurned Trek fandom -- even going as far as to poke merciless fun them in at the now-famous Saturday Night Live sketch that gives this book its title. Now he's making amends -- of sorts -- with a new book on the culture of fandom. "To publicize Star Trek Generations, Shatner agreed to a rare series of speaking engagements at Star Trek conventions. Touched and fascinated, he was overwhelmed with the realization that in almost three decades of starship hopping, he'd never really taken the time to enjoy or understand Star Trek's fans or their conventions. For the past several years, William Shatner has been treating each Star Trek convention like an enormous research project. Interviewing fans, dealers, fellow cast members, convention organizers, and promoters -- even going undercover beneath alien makeup. Do Star Trek fans really need to "get a life?" Shatner ventures beyond the footlights to explore the world of Star Trek fandom -- from NASA scientists trying to recreate the show's warp drive to linguists teaching the Klingon language."
Star Trek: Dark Victory
Pocket (hardcover, 303 pages, $23/$34 Can)
Publication date: April 13, 1999

Shatner's cycle of post-Star Trek: Generations novels began with The Ashes of Eden and continued with The Return and Avenger (all collected in a recent paperback omnibus edition entitled Odyssey, and co-authored with Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens). His next book was Spectre, which brought back the evil mirror universe of the classic episode "Mirror, Mirror" -- and which turns out to be the apparent launch of a trilogy. The next volume is Star Trek: Preserver. "In the second thrilling adventure in a new trilogy that started with Spectre, Captain Kirk is matched against his deadliest adversary: himself!"
Donato Giancola
Tek Net (Tek Wars, Book 9)
Ace (reprint, paperback, 260 pages, $6.99/$8.99 Can)
Publication date: March, 1999 (First Edition: October, 1997)

I admit it. I watched the short-lived Tek War TV series (at least while it was featured as part of the cheesy-but-lovable Action Pack, anyway). Near future drug lords vs. hardened detectives with cool gadgetry -- you could do worse with late night television. This is the ninth novel in the series. "Captain Kirk is back with another fast-paced Tek adventure featuring detective Jake Cardigan. When the second wife of Cardigan's partner Sid Gomez disappears, a highly placed government source offers top dollar to find her alive."
Art: Peter Peebles
Step into Chaos (Quest For Tomorrow, Book 3)
HarperPrism (hardcover, 239 pages, $23 US/$33.50 Can)
Publication date: February, 1999

Closing novel in Shatner latest SF trilogy, which has been significantly more well received than some of his early efforts. "Jim Endicott is a hero and he hates it. Using the cybernetic secret weapon encoded in his DNA, he defeated the dreaded Hunzza fleet, but at a terrible cost in lives, both human and alien. Now Jim wants only to live a "normal" life and forget the horrors he witnessed and the heroic destiny he despises. But a new and even more terrible conflict is stirring. Earth's former ally, the Alban Packlord, suspects that humans are about to "Leap" transcend to another level of existence in a mysterious and cataclysmic process that sweeps away entire star systems, laying waste to vast sectors of the universe." From the author of In Alien Hands.
Star Trek: Odyssey
Pocket (omnibus, trade paperback, 1150 pages, $14 US/$20 Can)
Publication date: August 11, 1998

If you passed up the original bestselling volumes, here's your chance to get the entire saga of Kirk's return from death for one bargain price -- cheaper than all three volumes in paperback. "For three full decades, on television and on film, actor William Shatner has portrayed one of the most dynamic heroes of science fiction: James Tiberius Kirk, captain of the Starship Enterprise. Now Shatner brings his distinctive blend of talents as actor, writer, director, and producer to reveal the saga of Kirk's second life in three complete novels. The Ashes of Eden: His voyages over, facing retirement at last, Kirk encounters a beautiful and mysterious woman who lures him into a search for new adventure -- and his lost youth! The Return: The Borg and the Romulan Empire have joined forces against the Federation, and their ultimate weapon is none other than James T. Kirk, resurrected by alien science to destroy the Borg's most formidable enemy: Jean-Luc Picard. Avenger: Kirk and Spock, together again, must join forces to save a new generation from an awesome menace unleashed by a ruthless interplanetary conspiracy. And the only man who might be able to stop them is the captain of the Starship Enterprise." Also available: Spectre, the fourth volume in what is apparently an on-going series.
Spectre (The Return, Volume 3)
with Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens
Pocket (reprint, paperback, 372 pages, $6.50/$8.99 Can)
Publication date: April 13, 1999 (First Edition: 1998)

The third novel in the series that began with The Return and Avenger, following the adventures of James T. Kirk in the era of The Next Generation. "Retired and happily in love, Kirk believes his adventuring days are over. But as he returns to Earth for the first time since his apparent "death" upon the Enterprise-B, events elsewhere in the galaxy set in motion a mystery that may provide Kirk with his greatest challenge yet. Over 100 years ago, when he was a young man on his first Five Year mission as captain, Kirk found himself in a universe that was a mirror of our own--where he and his crew were the evil envoys of the Terran Empire, imposing their cruel will on the helpless people of the galaxy. On Kirk's advice, the Spock of that universe brought that Empire down. Now, 100 years later, the Terran Empire is gone and humans live as slaves of the Klingons, Cardassians, and Bajorans. A galaxy of enslaved humans is not a legacy James T. Kirk finds acceptable. Somehow he must begin to put things right for an entire galaxy."
Quest for Tomorrow: In Alien Hands (Quest for Tomorrow, Book 2)
HarperPrism (reprint, paperback, 404 pages, $5.99 US/$7.99 Can)
Publication date: September, 1998

The sequel to Delta Search by Shatner and his (un-credited) co-author, Ron Goulart. "The second Quest for Tomorrow novel continues a series of high-tech action and memorable characters. Pursued by two alien operatives -- one sworn to destroy him, the other to save him -- Jim Endicott is a man with a secret: Encoded somewhere in his DNA is a cybernetic weapon that can alter the balance of power in the the galaxy." Includes an excerpt from their upcoming novel, Step into Chaos. "Inventive, well plotted, interestingly peopled, deftly paced and controlled: a quantum leap ahead for Shatner." -- Kirkus Reviews
Man O'War
Shatner seems to have hit his stride with these novels, and he certainly has found an audience. Separate from both his Tek and Trek work, this one tells the tale of Benton Hawkes, a career diplomat whose maverick ways have made him powerful enemies. As a result, he's unprepared for the assignment that comes his way: a Martian mining colony on the verge of all-out revolt.
Star Trek: Avenger
and Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens
Captain Kirk and Picard take part in a desperate race to save the Federation from starvation and chaos.
Star Trek: The Return
and Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens
The return of... Captain Kirk? Kirk was killed on Veridian III, but when a legendary Vulcan ambassador comes to the grave of his best and dearest friend, a new adventure begins. The Borg and the Romulan Empire have joined forces against the Federation, and their chosen weapon is none other than James T. Kirk, resurrected by alien science to destroy the Borg's most formidable enemy: Jean-Luc Picard.
Quest for Tomorrow: Delta Search
Shatner's latest proves his ability to branch out beyond the Star Trek and Tek War sagas into unexplored territory.
[Cover] Tek Money
Jake must help his son when he is accused of murdering Peter Traynor, a friend of Jake's from his Tek addiction days.


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