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Robert Sheckley
Darrell K. Sweet
Tor (hardcover, 251 pages, $22.95 US/$31.95 Can)
Publication date: January 7, 1999

A novel of light fantasy from the author of Dramocles, Mindswap, and The People Trap. "Arthur Fenn is an ordinary young professor with an esoteric specialty, Comparative Mythology. He is in financial trouble and suddenly finds himself in possession of a magical spell that allows him access to the realm of the gods. He may be a professor, but he's got no common sense--so when he goes there, he makes the mistake of inviting a con-man god and his companions back to Earth. What develops is a fantastic mess full of rich opportunities for humor, satire, and surprise. Arthur's mistake unbalances his own life, life on Earth, and the lives of the gods in their realm...and universal darkness threatens to cover all. Chaos spread on a greater and greater scale until all creation is threatened. It's a good thing that Arthur is able to find the courage and self-confidence to save the day, even if the universe has to die and be reborn. Godshome is fast-paced, witty fantasy in the Unknown Worlds tradition of L. Sprague De Camp, L. Ron Hubbard, and Robert A. Heinlein -- pure entertainment. "
Soma Blues
Tor/Forge hard cover
Hob Draconian, proprietor of The Alternative Detective Agency, returns again in an adventure that takes him to Paris and London in search of the source of a powerful new narcotic on the world market. The search leads him home to the island paradise of Ibiza and into more trouble than even he could have imagined.
[Cover] Draconian New York
Tor hard cover
Second in a mystery series featuring Hob Draconian (The Alternative Detective). Harlan Ellison claims "if the Marx Brothers had been literary rather than thespic fantasists ... they would have been Robert Sheckley".
[Cover] Alien Harvest
Bantam paperback
It's the latest in the series based on the movies.

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