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Charles Sheffield
How To Save the World
Tor (reprint, trade paperback, 349 pages, $14.95 US/$21 Can)
Publication date: February 12, 1999 (First Edition: September 1995)

You want a theme anthology? You got one. Sheffield has gathered some of SF's brightest names -- including James P. Hogan, Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle, Geoffrey Landis, Barry Malzberg, and Lawrence Watt-Evans -- to take a look at possible solutions for the world's woes. "Outrageous times call for outrageous measures. From the terraforming of Titan to viruses that alter wrongdoers' DNA, from legalized electronic dueling to contraceptives that select for sex, here is a fistful of provocative, engaging, and above all entertaining tales of Big Science brought to bear on the woes of the world."
Art: Paul Youll
Bantam Spectra (trade paperback, 453 pages, $13.95 US/$19.95 Canada)
Publication date: August 10, 1998

A major new post-apocalypse novel from the author of Tomorrow and Tomorrow, The Billion Dollar Boy, and The Heritage Universe series. It's 2026, and the shockwave from the Alpha Centauri supernova has slammed into Earth, delivering fires, floods, starvation -- and a massive electromagnetic pulse. Electronic components around the planet are rendered useless, leaving an already devastated planet with phones and vehicles that no longer function. Against this background three groups of survivors set to work -- the first a militant cult determined to free their leader from his court-induced coma, the second a group of cancer patients in search of the brilliant scientist and criminal whose treatments can keep them alive... and the third the survivors of the first manned Mars expedition, facing almost certain death as they risk all to return home. And in the background is Saul Steinmetz, President of the US, facing a crucial decision that will change the fate of the world.
Convergence II
Part of the Heritage Universe Series. "Humans reached the stars and found the Artifacts--enigmatic structures, seemingly defying natural laws, left by an ancient vanished race. Suddenly, a new Artifact appears from nowhere, and other, older Artifacts begin to alter their already inexplicable activities. Now, a motley crew of scientists and treasure hunters set out for three different Artifacts, in search of answers."
Excerpt from Summertide of the Convergent series.
[Cover] The Cyborg from Earth (A Jupiter Novel)
Tor hard cover
The Jupiter books are some of the best Young Adult SF being published today, drawing strong comparisons to the early work of Heinlein and Silverberg. Jefferson Kopal is the heir to a powerful dynasty, but he's never lived up to his family's expectations. When he blows his entrance exams for the deep space navy, he assumes his short career is over -- until he's tapped for an urgent mission to the farthest depths of outer space. But why him? And what's the urgent secret behind these rebellious cyborgs? From the author of Putting Up Roots and The Billion Dollar Boy.
Baen paperback
A four-volume epic comes to a conclusion. The author explains: "What began as a single book, Summertide, expands to a second, Divergence; then it extends into a third, Transcendence. And finally there is a fourth, Convergence. Note that I said finally. With that fourth book, the tetralogy is over. The Heritage Universe has - at last - stopped its expansion."
The Billion Dollar Boy
Tor hard cover
The latest Jupiter novel from Tor Books. Shelby Cheever V is "The Billion Dollar Boy," one of the richest people of the 22nd century. But a careless mistake places him on a mining ship 27 light years from Earth, and suddenly his money isn't nearly enough to get him out of this... According to Tor, Jupiter "presents an ambitious new line of original novels featuring all the virtues of classic science fiction -- fast adventure, colorful characters, rigorous scientific accuracy, and thought-provoking ideas." Yes, but what about the great old vices?
[Cover] Tomorrow and Tomorrow
Bantam Spectra
Drake Merlin's wife is diagnosed with a rare and terminal illness. Rather than live without her and still healthy himself, he decides to deep-freeze both of them until a time when Ana's illness can be cured. Revived again and again to find there is still no cure for his wife's illness, he discovers that his only hope is at the omega point where the universe collapses--to merge the past and present. A terrific hard SF writer with compassionate characters and real vision.
[Cover] Higher Education
& Jerry Pournelle
Tor paperback
A Jupiter Novel; the brand new The Billion Dollar Boy is also released this month. When a practical joke gone bad gets him tossed out of school, Rick Luban's options are very limited. What looks a second chance and a whole new life comes his way when he signs up as an asteroid miner. But life in space proves tougher than expected.
Georgia On My Mind and Other Places
Tor trade paperback
A collection of fourteen tales from this versatile author, including the Hugo and Nebula-winning title story.
The Ganymede Club
Tor paperback
From the author of Cold As Ice, and set in the same universe, this volume follows Lola Belman in her attempts to peer into the mysterious past a new patient. Some of those secrets turn deadly.

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