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Susan Shwartz
Art: Richard Bober
Cross and Crescent (Shards of Empire, Book 2)
Tor (reprint, trade paperback, 382 pages, $14.95/$21 Can)
Publication date: July 6, 1999 (First Edition: Dec 1997)

The sequel to Shards of Empire, from the author of The Grail of Hearts. "Once Byzantium was the meeting place of East and West, the Holy City where subtle princes, rich merchants, and scheming priests built great monuments to the glory of God and their own ambition. But now, after centuries of power, the Imperial throne is in danger. The forces of Islam have captured Jerusalem, Christianity's holiest city, and all seems lost. From the West have come Jerusalem's saviors--the armies of Franks, Normans, and other Christians -- who are willing to die to reclaim the city. For Leo Dorcas, a man who was once a hairsbreadth away from the throne, the Crusaders represent hope and danger in equal measure. For his wife, Asherah, the beautiful and haunting Jewess, the barbarians are nothing but the murderers of her people. And for Binah, their bewitching daughter, they are but pawns in her own mysterious game."
Review by Steven H Silver
[Cover] Shards of Empire
Leo Duca, nobleman of the Byzantine Empire, finds himself exiled outside the bounds of civilization. But in the wilderness he finds there are also conspiracies, and no shortage of genuine danger, the kind he thought he'd left behind...
[Cover] Sisters in Fantasy 2
& Martin H. Greenberg, editors
Roc paperback
Now, for another collection, this time twenty three magical tales by Mercedes Lackey, Gael Baudino, Patricia McKillip and more - follows Sisters in Fantasy.
Sisters in Fantasy
& Martin H. Greenberg, editors
Roc paperback
An original anthology with stories by Jo Clayton, Lisa Goldstein, Nancy Kress, Judith Tarr and others.

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