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Sherwood Smith
[Cover] Court Duel (Crown and Court Duet, Book 2)
Harcourt Brace (hardcover, 245 pages, $18 US/$25 Canada)
Publication date: March 1998

Following the rollicking adventures of the first book in the series, last year's Crown Duel, Meliara finds herself home again. But she's soon to learn that court intrigue and the subtle manoeuvres of the castle nobility can be far more complex than the straightforward matters of war -- and just as deadly. It begins with a letter from a powerful courtier, whom she must decide is friend or foe. At court this becomes a skill she must hone, and quickly, as she finds herself constantly forced to discern her allies from her enemies as she endeavours to learn the subtle language of the courtiers, a group which communicates with minute gestures and intimation.
[Cover] The Borrowers
Harcourt Brace (trade paperback, 105 pages, $4.50 US/$6.50 Canada)
Publication date: January, 1998

Novelization of the Polygram film starring John Goodman based on Norton's novels, by the author of Crown Duel and Court Duel. "Rapacious lawyer Ocious Potter intends to demolish the Borrowers' home and build a slum on that spot. All that stands between Potter and the fulfillment of his wicked plan are the two Borrower children, who have uncovered the last will and testament of the house's true owner." Aimed at a slightly younger reading group than Norton's original works, this still looks promising for fantasy fans of all ages.
Crown Duel
Harcourt Brace
Subtitled The Crown and Court Duet Book I, Crown Duel introduces us to the teenage Count Branaric and Countess Meliara of Tlanth: noble-born, but left by their dead father in a cold, rundown castle with insufficient means to pay taxes to Galdran, the corrupt ruler of the kingdom of Remalna. Spurred by their father's dying wish, Meliara and her brother organize a revolution. From the author of Wren's War.
[Cover] The Thrones of Kronos
& Dave Trowbridge
The fifth and last volume in the always entertaining Exordium saga. Multi-volume space opera is always hard to pull off effectively, but Smith and Trowbridge have delivered a surprisingly satisfying entry into this overcrowded genre.
The Rifter's Covenant
& Dave Trowbridge
From the authors of the just-released The Thrones of Kronos.


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