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Sean Stewart
Art: Maggie Taylor
Ace (hardcover, 279 pages, $21.95 US/$30.95 Canada)
Publication date: August 1, 1998

The acclaimed author of The Night Watch and Resurrection Man brings us a Southern Fantasy. "The Beauchamp family is old Texas, in a huge, rambling house where no one ever thought to put in air conditioning and the doors are left open-wide to the heat and the wanderings of insects. Where the peppers for Tex-Mex cooking hang in the kitchen and the chifforobe in the hall provides a home for the household gods. And the lady of the house provides a body. Elena Beauchamp has gone, taking her last breath and most of the family's money to a grand resting place. What's left? A bequest to a stranger. A slowly deteriorating friend. A bottle of Mockingbird Cordial that older sister Toni grudgingly tastes, only to find herself the new host to the ghosts. It will take Toni the rest of the book to unravel the mess her mother left their lives in. Along the way, she will have to deal with family jealousies, financial ruin, and secrets long buried."
Review by Lisa DuMond
[Cover] Clouds End
Ace paperback
I hear a lot of positive street buzz about the work of Sean Stewart -- including The Night Watch, Nobody's Son, and The New York Times Notable Book, Resurrection Man.  Clouds End is the tale of a small island lost in a great ocean, peopled by a folk whose only real enemy seems to be a swirling fog with strangle properties called the Mist. When the Mist parts briefly to yield up Jo, a shape-shifting "haunt" who is a twin for the islander Brook, the action really gets going. Jo brings news of the warlike Forest People's advance on the neighbouring islands of Delta, under a crafty new general named Hazel Twist. Brook and her people set sail with a warning -- only to discover Delta has already been conquered.
The Night Watch
Ace (reprint, paperback, 338 pages, $6.50 US/$8.99 Can)
Publication date: September, 1998 (First Printing: November, 1997)

Another fine tale of magic and mystery from the acclaimed author of Mockingbird and Passion Play. "In Stewart's New York Times notable book Resurrection Man, magic began creeping back into the world just after World War II. It's now 2074, and ordinary folk struggle to maintain a normal life in the wake of the tide of magic. Edmonton is divided: Northside has ceded to ghosts and monsters, Southside is a garrison under the leadership of a cold man called Winter and his granddaughter Emily Thompson. Touched with magic, and hearing the voice of an angel within, usually-practical Emily upsets the balance of power. Her fanatical grandfather will stop at nothing to expel magic from Northside, and Emily must fly to Vancouver to escape him. But in Vancouver, magic is encroaching on what used to be Chinatown, and the monsters it brings with it are decimating the remaining humans. To make matters worse, Winter is not easily to be eluded, and he carries his war on magic to Vancouver -- where control is not so simple as in Edmonton."
[Cover] Resurrection Man
Ace paperback
OK, the blurb says nothing about the book except that it is "the new thriller from the author of Passion Play and Nobody's Son" - but the quotes are pretty impressive. Neal Stephenson calls it "distinctive and original", William Gibson says Stewart is a "talent to watch" and Ursula Le Guin states that he "definitely follows his own drummer" and this book is "a mood, quirky, fascinating fantasy".

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