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Mark Sumner
Jeffrey Walker
Vampires of Vermont (News From the Edge, Book 3)
Ace (paperback, 198 pages, $5.99/$7.99 US)
Publication date: July 6, 1999

What if we lived in a world where the horrors and unearthly goings-on reported by tabloids were true? What if the intrepid journalists of those publications -- underpaid, ridiculed, and largely ignored -- were our most trusted sources for the dark secrets of the American Heartland? Savannah McKinnon, a.k.a Ace reporter Savvy Skye, is on the front lines of that world, and this time she's deep in the woods of Vermont, seeking to verify the existence of Count Yorga, an alleged nosferatu. But when her source drops dead in her hotel room and then promptly disappears from the morgue, Savvy soon finds she's up to her neck in trouble. From the author of The Monster of Minnesota and Insanity, Illinois, as well as Devil's Tower.
[Cover] News From the Edge: The Monster of Minnesota
Newest from the author of Devil's Tower and Devils' Engine. "Combining mystery, science fiction, and '90's tabloid sensibility, here's a unique approach to a popular genre. Sure, Savannah "Savvy" McKinnon, maybe people were killed by the lake monster known as Big Jelly--or maybe not. If there's a cover-up to be exposed, she's just the one to do it."
Devil's Engine
Ballantine Del Rey paperback
The sequel to this summer's most unsual fantasy, Devil's Tower, it follows the continuing adventures of Jake Bird, lawman and sorcerer of the wild west.
Devil's Tower
Del Rey paperback
Another entry in that odd but growing genre, the wild-west fantasy/alternate history. Spell-wielding sheriff Jake Bird confronts the most dangerous conjurer in the West, none other than George Armstrong Custer, the man who killed his father.

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