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Sheri S. Tepper
J.K. Potter
Singer from the Sea
Avon/Eos (hardcover, 426 pages, $24/$35 Can)
Publication date: April 6, 1999

The newest novel from the prolific author of Gibbon's Decline and Fall, The Gate to Women's Country, and Six Moon Dance. The Planet Haven is governed by the Lord Paramount, who ruthlessly dictates the behavior and outlook of women. It is Lady Genevieve's fate to marry a nobleman chosen by her father -- in her case, the repugnant Prince Delganor -- and to bear a child at age thirty. But part of Genevieve has no wish to be proper, for she remembers the stories and secret knowledge of her mother, now long dead... and silently questions what is forbidden to know. When Lord Paramount orders Genevieve to attend his palace, she soon discovers the attractive and friendly Colonel Aufors Leys -- the first man she's met who seems willing to ask the same questions as she. "Yet another deeply felt, brilliantly wrought ecological-feminist parable, not threatening but challenging, liberating and wise: Tepper has lodged firmly upon a pinnacle of excellence" -- Kirkus Reviews.
Six Moon Dance
Avon/Eos (reprint, paperback, 534 pages, $6.99 US/$8.99 Can)
Publication date: April 6, 1999 (First Edition: August 1998)

Newholme is unusual in many ways. Its women are sexually voracious, and its men have grown accustomed to wearing veils and practicing stringent decorum to prevent temptation. A class of male Consorts, professional erotic companions, has grown in scale and affluence. When the planet's six moons align, catastrophic earthquakes result. But perhaps most unusual are the world's native inhabitants, the "invisible people" who tend to the young, but whose existence older children and adults never acknowledge. But for all its strangeness, Newholme has prospered -- until now. Now the very ground is shaking with volcanic eruptions, and the planet is in peril. And so it is that the Great Questioner, official arbiter of the Council of Worlds, decides to pay a visit. For rumours have long swirled in the Council about what really happened to the first settlers of Newholme all those years ago -- whispers about a terrible secret that lies buried deep with Newholme's past. From the author of The Family Tree and Gibbon's Decline and Fall.
Review by Lisa DuMond
[Cover] The Family Tree
Avon/EOS paperback
"Police officer Dora Henry is investigating the bizarre murder of three geneticists when the world around her goes crazy. Weeds are becoming trees; trees are becoming forests. Overnight, a city is being transformed into a wild and verdant place inhospitable to what humankind has become. Stranger still, Dora soon discovers she can actually communicate with the rampaging flora, and that the solution to the impending catastrophe lies in a far distant future that is a lot closer than anyone imagines." But don't be fooled by the capsule synopsis -- this novel from the author of Gibbon's Decline and Fall and Grass is as much about the odd marriage of sociable, smart Dora to cold Jared Gerber, the central mystery that fuels the plot. "Topical, mythical, archetypal, and provocative, this is a book no fantasy or science fiction reader should miss." -- Kirkus Reviews. [Cover] Gibbon's Decline and Fall
Bantam Spectra
The prolific Tepper's latest is a near-future thriller. In the year 2000 seven women who first met in college in 1959 come together to alter the changes in the American Politcal landscape, including a right-wing militia moving towards domination of the country. Tepper's recent SF novels (such as Grass andThe Gate To Women's Country) have created high expectations for this one.
excerpt [Cover] Shadow's End
Sheri S. Tepper
Bantam Spectra
The latest outing by the gifted author of Grass and The Gate to Women's Country.

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