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Diann Thornley
Dominion's Reach
Tor hard cover
Military SF adventure. Third book in the Unified Worlds epic, it follows Ganwold's Child and Echoes of Issel.
[Cover] Echoes of Issel
Tor paperback
From the author of Dominion's Reach. and second in the military SF epic of the Unified Worlds. Tristan Serege, the hero of Ganwold's Child, is now a young soldier pressed to volunteer for hazardous service as a new crisis unfolds. The alien masuk slavers are about to attack the Issel system and only Tristan, once held captive on Issel, knows the planetary defenses.
[Cover] Ganwold's Child
Tor paperback
"A boy raised by savages comes of age in the midst of interstellar war--fast action and characters you can care about" blurbs David Drake.

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