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Harry Turtledove
Bob Eggleton
Into The Darkness (Into The Darkness, Book 1)
Tor (hardcover, 540 pages, $27.95/$35.95 Can)
Publication date: April 21, 1999

An epic fantasy from the master of alternate history: the vast tale of a World War in a world where magic works. And I do mean "vast" -- this volume is the first of a projected six. "When the Duke of Bari suddenly dies, the neighboring nation of Algarve, long seething over its defeat a generation ago in the Six Years' War, sees its chance to bring his small country back, as they see it, into the Algarvian fold . . . an action which the other countries surrounding Algarve cannot, by treaty, tolerate. As nation after nation declares war, a chain of treaties are invoked, ultimately bringing almost all the Powers into a war of unprecedented destructiveness. For modern magic is deadlier than in eras past. Trained flocks of dragons rain explosive fire down on defenseless cities. Massed infantry race from place to place along a sophisticated network of ley-lines. Rival powers harness sea leviathans to help sabotage one another's ships. The lights are going out all across Derlavai, and will not come back on in this lifetime."
Review by Steven H Silver
Tim O'Brien
Second Contact (Colonization, Book One)
Del Rey (hardcover, 487 pages, $25.95/$36 Can)
Publication date: February 24, 1999

Turtledove's epic Worldwar series, in which the arrival of hostile aliens on the eve of WWII caused a very different conflict than what occurred on our world, wrapped up last year with the fourth volume, Striking the Balance. Now he begins a new saga, set twenty years later on the same world -- a place where Nazi Germany controls much of Europe, Washington and Tokyo were destroyed in a nuclear battle and President Earl Warren governs the US, and alien invaders control most of the rest of the planet. "The "master of Alternative History" ("Publishers Weekly") offers the first novel in a new series that continues the action of the acclaimed Worldwar saga. The 1960s are a time when humanity must face its greatest challenge: alien colonization of planet Earth."
Art: Michael Herring
Videssos Besieged (The Time of Troubles, Volume 4)
Del Rey (paperback, 373 pages, $6.99/$8.99 Can)
Publication date: November, 1998

The concluding volume to Turtledove's four-volume Videssos novels (known as The Time of Troubles), wraps up this fine historical fantasy series. Like all of Turtledove's novels, they are solidly grounded in history and meticulously researched, yet also benefiting from a powerful "What if?" twist. Once again the Videssian Avtokrator and the legendary Makuraner general Abivard take centre stage, this time to bring the tale of the clash of powerful empires and dark sorceries to a close.
Art: Eric Peterson
Del Rey (reprint, paperback, 342 pages, $6.99 US/$8.99 Can)
Publication date: October 1, 1998 (First Printing: June 1993)

Reprint Turtledove collection focused on -- what else? -- tales of Alternate History. If I'd had this in High School, my history grades might have been very different. "Twenty stories ranging from ancient times to the far, far-different future. Persia has conquered Greece; Athens is in ruins. Yet even under Persia's rule, the power of the people can never be completely broken... A werewolf boy tears through Cologne's medieval streets in search of sanctuary from the angry mob. But who will shelter a creature so hated and feared?... A student from the far-off future sets off on a field trip to study Genghis Khan -- and finds him in the twentieth century?" "He's one of the finest explorers of alternate histories ever." -- Locus.
[Cover] How Few Remain
Del Rey hard cover
The author of the Worldwar series and The Guns of the South brings us a new novel of alternate history, as the North and South clash in a second Civil War in 1881. "One of alternate history's authentic modern masters" -- Booklist.
Gary Ruddell
Between the Rivers
Tor (reprint, paperback, 408 pages, $6.99/$8.99 Can)
Publication date: April, 1999 (First Edition: March, 1998)

The master of alternate history shows he's equally adept at original fantasy, in a tale of magic set in ancient Mesopotamia. "The "Hugo-winning master of alternate SF" (Publishers Weekly), Harry Turtledove turns his hand to a major fantasy creation, a world at the bright, sun-drenched morning of human history, a time when the gods rule the Earth. In the city of Gibil, the citizens have long enjoyed the prosperity afforded them by their benevolent patron deity, Engibil. Young Sharur is the scion of a merchant family in the city of Gibil, loyal -- he thinks -- to Engibil and to that god's human deputies. When it becomes apparent that the gods of other cities are plotting war against Gibil, it's up to Sharur to save his beloved city."
Review by Steven H Silver
The Thousand Cities
Del Rey
Times of Troubles, Volume 3. The newest adventure in the Videssos Empire series. Abivard helped put the King of Makuran on the throne, and now he must conquer the Empire before the Videssans themselves conquer Makuran.
The Guns of the South
Del Rey trade paper
The Civil War is nearing its end. General Lee is facing imminent defeat, when a strange man approaches him with an offer for an extraordinary weapon -- an assault rifle known as an AK-47. A master of the alternate history genre depicts the victory of the South in the Civil War.
Baen paperback
Will the Roman Empire lose Thessalonica to the Germanic tribes and their pagan demons? Not if George, a shoemaker, has anything to say about it!
Worldwar: Striking the Balance
Ballantine Del Rey
Paperback reprint of the latest in the alternate history series focusing on World War II. From the author of Guns of the South and Between the Rivers.
[Cover] Worldwar: Upsetting The Balance
Ballantine Del Rey
The exciting Worldwar series continues in this third volume, as Earth unleashes its most deadly weapons on the alien invaders. But the extraterrestrial enemy have plans of their own. The final book, Striking the Balance, was released this month in hardcover. No one can match Turtledove at alternative history.
[Cover] Hammer and Anvil
Ballantine Del Rey
Volume two of The Time of Troubles and sequel to The Stolen Throne, it returns the reader to the Empire of Videssos, but 150 years before the Tales of Krispos and 650 years before The Videssos Cycle.

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