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Jack Vance
Vladimir Nenov
Ports of Call
Tor (reprint, trade paperback, 300 pages, $13.95/$19.95 Can)
Publication date: March 5, 1999 (First edition: April 1998)

Ports of Call will pose some problems for the literary purist. It glories in pulp prose (not to mention! exclamation points!), characterizations are thin, it has no plot, and no real ending. What does it have? "The two qualities that Vance excels at; story-telling and a grand sense of style," says reviewer Greg Johnson. "Ports of Call tells the story of Myron Taney, a young man who feels trapped by the future his family has laid out for him, and so sets out with his aunt to tour the interesting planets of the Gaen Reach. Readers of Jack Vance will recognize the Gaen Reach as the setting for several earlier novels, including Maske: Thaery, and Ecce and Old Earth. What it shares with his other books is a vision of the universe as a collection of planets occupied by strangely neurotic and always amusing societies."
Review by Greg L. Johnson
[Cover] Night Lamp
Tor (reprint, trade paperback
The always-inventive Vance, author of Eyes of the Overworld and The Dragon Masters, returns with the first paperback printing of his tale of the decadent world of Fader, ruled by a leisure class whose every need is attended by a genetically engineered slave class. Jaro was a child brutally beaten by a gang and saved by a scholarly couple -- but doctors were forced to remove much of his memory to prevent psychological trauma. Adopted by the couple and taken back to their homeworld of Gallingale, Jaro comes of age constantly haunted by the mystery of his past, a mystery he is bent on solving.
[Cover] The Demon Princes, Volume 1
An omnibus volume of three early SF novels: The Star King, The Killing Machine, and The Palace of Love; the next volume will follow in September. Tor has done a major service by finally returning one of Vance's great series to print in a durable format; now do your part. Buy two copies.
Tor trade paper
Finally, a reprint of one of Vance's finest trilogies: Marune (Alastor 933), Arullion (Alastor 2262) and Wyst (Alastor 1716).

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