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Vivian Vande Velde
Art: Joan Hall
A Coming Evil
Houghton Mifflin (hardcover, 213 pages, $16 US)
Publication date: September, 1998

The author of The Conjurer Princess, Curses, Inc., A Well-Timed Enchantment and A Hidden Magic returns in hardcover with a novel of childhood, ghosts -- and the evil of Nazi Germany. "Lisette Beaucaire was angry when her parents sent her away from Paris that September day in 1940. And although she knew that with the Nazis occupying the city she'd be safer at her Aunt Josephine's farm in the Dordogne valley, Lisette resented her "exile." She'd miss her friends and the excitement of being thirteen and starting a new school. Instead she'd have nothing to do but amuse her little cousin Cecile. That's what Lisette thought, but she soon found out that she wasn't the only visitor at the farmhouse. And then she encountered Gerard, a visitor from a long time ago, who proved to be a valiant ally at a crucial moment for the people who lived in the farmhouse."
Never Trust a Dead Man
Harcourt Brace (hardcover, 193 pages, $17)
Publication date: March 15, 1999

New novel of mystery, comedy and fantasy from the author of Tales From the Brothers Grimm and the Sisters Weird. It's been a rough week for Selwyn. First his sweetheart broke his heart by announcing she would marry Farold, then Farold beat him up in front of the entire village, and finally he's accused of murder -- when his knife is found hilt-deep in Farold's dead body. Which might not have been all that bad, if it hasn't been for the punishment: to be sealed alive with Farold's moldering corpse. And the arrival of the witch -- who raise Farold from the dead. Now he's working against the clock with a walking corpse to locate the real killer. And if he thought he disliked Farold when he was alive, he hasn't seen anything yet...
Review by Victoria Strauss
[Cover] A Hidden Magic
Magic Carpet paperback
Vande Velde is the author of several recent notable YA titles, including Tales from the Brothers Grimm and the Sisters Weird and The Conjuror Princess. Here she tells the tale of the charming but plain princess Jennifer, who has the misfortune to fall in love with the conceited prince Alexander. Alexander's offensive habits have managed to annoy a great many folk, including a witch who casts a potent spell upon him. And now it's up to Jennifer to save him and, in the process, defeat a very powerful opponent. But is it worth it? An engrossing tale of young love and young magic from "a master of the unexpected." -- St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Reprint (1985).
[Cover] A Well-Timed Enchantment
Harcourt Brace/Magic Carpet paperback
When Deanna and her cat Oliver fall into a wishing well, they find themselves in medieval France. And Oliver... well, Oliver is now a charming young man who insists on helping her undo the damage they've done to the past -- if only they can avoid total catastrophe in the process. An amusing adventure for the young at heart everywhere from the author of Companions of the Night and The Conjurer Princess.
Curses, Incorporated and Other Stories
Harcourt Brace
A new collection.
Tales From the Brothers Grimm and the Sisters Weird
Dell Yearling
One of the most popular books to arrive in our offices for some time, this has been passed around and chuckled over for weeks. It's a collection of energetically re-told fairy tales with a slightly off-kilter spin, with Chicken Little as a wealthy modern-day evangelist, Hansel and Gretel as horrible children who deserve baking, and a generous handful of others. Marketed as Young Adult, we think everyone will want this one.
Dragon's Bait
Dell Laurel-Leaf


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