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Art: Jim Carroll
The Essential Bordertown
edited by Terri Windling and Delia Sherman
Tor (reprint, trade paperback, 383 pages, $14.95/$21 Can)
Publication date: July 8, 1999 (First Edition: August 1998)

The shared world of Bordertown was created over a decade ago by Terry Windling, and its list of contributors includes many of the most popular fantasy writers at work today. This new collection of original work includes fiction from Charles de Lint, Ellen Kushner, Patricia A. McKillip, Felicity Savage, Delia Sherman, Midori Snyder, Caroline Stevermer, and Steven Burst -- whose "When the Bow Breaks" was a Nebula Award finalist. "Bordertown. Once a normal American city, now a perilous nexus between the World and returned Elfland. From the banks of the addictive Mad River to the all-night clublands where young elves and humans fight and play, all the way up to glittering Dragon's Tooth Hill, where high society seals itself away from the streets -- this is no city to trifle with. Bordertown. A place of hidden magic, flamboyant artists, runaway teenagers, and pagan motorcycle gangs. The city you always knew was there. Now thirteen of modern fantasy's finest writers return to Bordertown once again, to tell a new cycle of tales of the city. Bordertown. It's an attitude and a state of mind. It's elfin light and human sweat. It will never let you go."
Review by Robert Francis
[Cover] The Wood Wife
Terri Windling
First novel from one of the most acclaimed and respected editors in the field of fantasy. When Maggie Black comes to the desert home of poet Davis Cooper, seeking an answer to the riddle of his death, she begins a journey of self-discovery that will change her forever, coming face to face with the wild spirits that inhabit that strange and magical place. Winner of the Mythopoeic Fantasy Award.
The Armless Maiden and Other Tales of Childhood's Survivor's
Terri Windling, ed.
Tor trade paperback
A trade paperback reprint (if possible, it looks even more intriguing and lovely than the hardcover) of an anthology that illuminates the human heart. With stories by Charles de Lint, Ellen Kushner, Susan Palwick, Delia Sherman and more.
[Cover] Bordertown
Terri Windling & Mark Alan Arnold, ed.
Tor paperback
Yep, it's finally been reprinted and great cover, as always.
[Cover] Chung Kuo Book Seven: Days of Bitter Strength
David Wingrove
Dell trade paper
In January of 1990 Delacorte Press released Chung Kuo: The Middle Kingdom, the first book in the Chung Kuo series and the first work of fiction by David Wingrove, the Hugo award-winning co-author (with Brian Aldiss) of Trillion Year Spree. A vast future epic set in an Earth long conquered by China, it was an exotic blend of Chinese culture and cutting-edge SF. The Seven T'ang, leaders of the world seeking to attain "The Peace of Ten Thousand Years" based on the tenets of New Confucianism, rule the seven great cities through strict order and stability. Since 1990 Wingrove has published roughly a novel a year in the series, and the seventh and final volume has finally arrived in trade paperback. One of the most sustained epic SF series in recent memory.
[Cover] Chung Kuo Book Six: White Moon, Red Dragon
David Wingrove
Dell paperback
The sixth volume in the ambitious Chung Kuo series. Seven Chinese kings known as the Seven T'ang have ruled over the continents of Earth for hundreds of years. But approaching silently through space is the starship of De Vore, the rebel leader and arch enemy of the T'ang dynasty. He and the other exiles return from Pluto and from Mars to wage a bloody war that ripples across the planet.
[Cover] Beneath The Tree of Heaven
David Wingrove
Dell paperback
Volume five in the seven-book Chung Kuo series where a new China rules upon the ashes of our civilization. Powerful, thought-provoking and intense.
edited Douglas E. Winter
Harperprism hard cover
First U.S. appearance of a major new horror anthology from one of the most respected editors in the field. The arrival of the new Millennium carries with it the mantle of ancient prophecy, the promise of a new world, new terrors... and new revelations. Fourteen leading horror writers have each been assigned a decade of the 20th century (sometimes in tandem), to chart its particular madness and prophecy. Contributors include Clive Barker (with two works, including a short novel), Joe R. Lansdale, F. Paul Wilson, Poppy Z. Brite and Christa Faust, Whitley Strieber, Charles Grant, and Ramsey Campbell.
Walking Beauty
Paul Witcover
HarperPrism hard cover
[Cover] Dracula: The Connoisseur's Guide
Leonard Wolf
Bantam/Broadway trade paper
Everything you ever wanted to know.
Books by Gene Wolfe
Lords of the Seventh Swarm
Dave Wolverton
Tor hardcover
Book three of The Golden Queen promises a mix of technology and mythology, heroes and action, and an epic quest across parallel worlds.
[Cover] Beyond The Gate
Dave Wolverton
Tor paperback
Volume two and sequel to The Golden Queen, it's rip-roaring space opera from the author of Star Wars: The Courtship of Princess Leia.
Art: Bruce Jensen
Faraday's Orphans
N. Lee Wood
Ace (reprint, paperback, 339 pages, $5.99/$7.99 Can)
Publication date: December 1, 1998 (First Printing: June 1997)

Wood's first novel, Looking For the Mahdi, was a New York Times Notable Book. For her second she brings us to "the barren wasteland of post-holocaust America, where the few remaining cities survive inside protective domes. When Berk Nielson, a helicopter pilot, becomes stranded on the Outside, he finds himself at the mercy of the burning sun and dangerous clans who carve out a primitive existence beyond the confines of the domes."
[Cover] Looking for the Mahdi
F. Lee Wood
First novel from the author of Faraday's Orphans. "In a near-future world, a microchip which holds the secret of angels and technology meets its match in human nature. Halton was a humanoid fabricant, created to serve as a bodyguard in the Middle East. Kay was an all-too-human correspondent, assigned to deliver him to a country from which she had barely escaped. She didn't know it was a set-up--until it was too late."
[Cover] Shade and Shadow
Francine G. Woodbury
Del Rey paperback
Latest in the Discovery line from Ballantine Del Rey. An assistant professor of modern magic at Oxford becomes the prime suspect in the death of his department head. Now he must find the real murderer or risk losing his magical talent permanently.
[Cover] Magician's Ward
Patricia C. Wrede
Tor hard cover
Returns us to the fantasy Regency England featuring Richard Merrill (a.k.a. Mairelon the Magician) and his ward Kim, the ex-street thief, who first appeared in Mairelon the Magician. Kim finds herself struggling against Aunt Agatha's plans to meld her into polite society (i.e., find her a husband), while a gentleman burglar is caught attempting to pilfer a book from the house library. And somehow connected to him is an ambitious and greedy moneylender who plans to round up magically gifted street urchins, and a mysterious magical attack on Mairelon himself.
[Cover] The Raven Ring
Patricia Wrede
Tor paperback
A new Lyra novel (after many years) by the author of Shadow agic and Daughter of Witches (also Lyra novels). For fans of Jane Yolen's Sister Light, Sister Dark.
[Cover] The Duke of Sumava
Sarah J. Wrench
With his armies on the verge of surrender and his lands in ruin, the Duke of Sumava has a fateful decision ahead of him. A door has opened in his realm, and through it has come an offer of aid. But can a mortal trust any offer from the Other Side?
[Cover] Star Trek: Starfleet Academy: The Best and the Brightest
Susan Wright
Pocket paperback
A brand new Star Trek series set at Starfleet Academy. Follow the adventures of six of the most talented and ambitious young members of the Federation as they navigate their way through the Academy. Are there frats in the 23rd Century? "Animal House 2387" -- Now that would be a series.
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Tempest
Susan Wright
Pocket paperback

Books by Janny Wurts

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