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David Weber
Honor Harrington: In Enemy Hands
Picking up where Among Enemies left off, this novel finds Honor and her crew, ambushed and captured, aboard an enemy ship and bound for the prison planet known as "Hell," where she is scheduled to be executed.
Honor Harrington: Honor Among Enemies
Captain Harrington has a chance to reclaim her career in the Royal Manticoran Navy, putting the scandal which drove her out of the service behind her for good. All she has to do is turn a squadron of armed merchantmen into a team capable of stopping the pirates plundering the Star Kingdom.
Excerpt and Video
In Death Ground
& Steve White
The Bugs have superior technology, greater numbers, and an alien and effective strategy. But in meeting mankind they may have finally encountered a food source too stubborn to go down easy. The Fourth Interstellar War unites the humans and Orions of the Grand Alliance with a single objective: complete extermination of the Bugs. Follows Insurrection and Crusade, and concluded in the third volume, forthcoming.
[Cover] Heirs of the Empire
A new adventure in the future of Mutineers Moon and The Armageddon Inheritance by the author of the best-selling Honor Harrington series.

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