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Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
Christopher H. Bing
The Angry Angel (Sisters of the Night, Book One)
Avon (reprint, trade paperback, 359 pages, $13.50/$19.50 Can)
Publication date: March 9, 1999 (First Edition: April 1998)

There aren't many horror trilogies on the market. If you're a fan of vampires and episodic fantasy, this could be what you've been waiting for. "In Bram Stoker's dark classic Dracula, three "weird sisters," make a brief but unforgettable appearance. The beautiful, mad brides of the vampire lord, their untold histories are at last revealed to us in Sisters of the Night, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro's brilliant reimagining of a timeless legend. In a distant age of brutal chaos, young Kelene is her family's salvation. An exquisite, golden-haired child just entering womanhood's embrace, she is blessed - and cursed - with a great gift. For most of her fourteen years, God's "Militant Angels" have guided her, shielding Kelene, her parents, her brothers and sisters from the horror and devastation visited upon their neighbors by the bloodthirsty Ottoman hordes. But suddenly another has invaded her dreams. This angel who speaks to Kelene in the night is far more elusive and demanding than any who came before - filling her with uncertainty and terrors while tempting her with impure thoughts and unholy desires. He will come to her, he vows, in Kelene's darkest hour. And then she will be his... for eternity."
Christopher H. Bing
The Soul of an Angel (Sisters of the Night, Book Two)
Avon/Eos (hardcover, 378 pages, $24/$35 Can)
Publication date: March 9, 1999

The second volume in the fantasy series which follows the dark history of Dracula's three handmaidens. Sequel to The Angry Angel. Illustrated by Christopher H. Bing. "The second in Yarbro's sensational series continues the dark histories of the three brides of Count Dracula, focusing on young Fenice Zucchar, who is taken to the vampire's mountain domain. "
Art: Jason Hillier
Blood Roses (The Chronicles of St. Germain, Book 8)
Tor (hardcover, 382 pages, $24.95/$34.95 Can)
Publication date: October 15, 1998

Another adventure for Ragoczy, the Count Saint-Germain, Yarbro's 3000-year-old vampire. This time the setting is 1345, and Saint-Germain has settled in the village of Orgon, France. It is a time of seeming unending war with England, and the normally leery townsfolk are only gradually won over as Saint-Germain gives generously of his wealth and medical skills. After fifteen years, growing premonitions of an ominous danger on the horizon begin to trouble the ancient vampire... and soon his idyllic days are ended when the bubonic plague descends on the county of Provence, bringing with it a whole new level of distrust, superstition, and dark terror.
[Cover] Sisters of the Night: The Angry Angel (Sisters of the Night, Volume 1)
illustrated by Christopher H. Bing
Avon hard cover
Certainly anyone who's read Dracula remembers the "weird sisters" -- Dracula's trio of mad and hungry consorts. Chelsea Quinn Yarbro's latest work of dark fantasy is a bold re-imagining of the tales behind the beautiful and deadly brides of the vampire lord, the Sisters of the Night trilogy. She begins with the story of young Kelene, born into a distant age of brutal chaos, destined to undertake a long and terrible journey to the fortress of a creature of dark ambitions and mesmerizing sensual power. With excellent line art from the talented Chris Bing.
Writ in Blood
Tor hard cover
Latest in the lengthy series of novels (including Mansions of Darkness and many others) following the vampire-hero Count Saint-Germain from his "birth" in Egypt over 2000 years ago. It is 1910, the winds of war are already stirring across Europe, and Czar Nicholas of Russia employs Saint-Germain to persuade King Edward of England and Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany to disarm. But Saint-Germain's mission is suddenly complicated by three factors: Sidney Reilly, the enigmatic English masterspy; the Count's growing affection for the beautiful English artist Rowena Saxon, and the opposition of the Prussian Baron, Klemens Manfred von Wolgast, in league with both the Balkans and the forces of darkness.
A Candle for D'Artagnan
Tor/Orb trade paper
Subtitled "An Historical Horror Novel," this is the third volume in the Atta Olivia Clements series (following A Flame in Byzantium and Crusader's Torch), the chronicles of the Count Saint-Germain's ancient love. This volume takes us to the court of Louis of France.
Mansions of Darkness
Tor hard cover
A new novel of the vampire, Saint-Germaine, as the Count lands in seventeenth century Peru and amongst an "enigmatic people who practice a strange and distorted form of Christianity".

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