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Jane Yolen
T.S. Hyman
Wizard's Hall
Magic Carpet/Harcourt Brace (reprint, paperback, 133 pages, $6/$9 Can)
Publication date: May, 1999 (First Edition: 1991)

Compact tale of magic academics by the prolific author of the upcoming The Wizard's Map (see our Forthcoming Books column this issue) and co-author of Armageddon Summer. "Henry doesn't really want to become a wizard, but his mother's heart is set on it. When Henry arrives at the creepy castle, he knows that all he can do is try. What Henry doesn't know is that all the teachers and students at Wizard's Hall are under a very strange attack by a cruel wizard--and only Henry can save them."
Art: Dennis Nolan
The One-Armed Queen
Tor (hardcover, 332 pages, $23.95/$33.95 Can)
Publication date: November 10, 1998

Yolen, who gives a new definition to the word "prolific", continues the saga begun in The Books of Great Alta and White Jenna -- the story of Jenna, born in sorrow and raised among warrior women, who was taught to call forth her shadow sister under the light of the moon. Yolen's writing speaks to readers of all ages, and if you haven't experienced the pleasure of her fine fantasies I encourage you to correct the situation immediately (and don't miss the music and lyrics appended to the end).
Design: Lisa Peters
Armageddon Summer
& Bruce Coville
Harcourt Brace (hardcover, 266 pages, $17 US/$24 Can)
Publication date: September 1, 1998

Two of the most prolific and talented Young Adult fantasists in the field team up to bring us a novel of adolescence and Apocalypse. "The world is scheduled to end on July 27, 2000. Or, at least so says Reverend Beelson as he brings his flock of 144 (the number of the twelve apostles squared, no more, no less) to a mountaintop retreat to await their salvation, while the rest of humanity have their "greasy souls fried." Among the 144 are two teenagers, Marina and Jed. The projected end of the world happens to coincide with Marina's fourteenth birthday, and complicating matters further is the mutual crush emerging between her and Jed..."
Review by David Soyka
Here There Be Dragons
illustrated by David Wilgus
Harcourt Brace (reprint, trade paperback, 149 pages, $10 US/$14 Canada)
Publication date: April 1998

Eight stories and five poems about Dragons, new and reprinted, from one of the most prolific and talented Young Adult authors around. Here we find the short story which inspired the novel The Dragon Boy, a tale of old Merlin, who fails as a dragon but ends up as a fine teacher for a young boy; a tale of St. George, dragon-friend; a story set amongst the dragon trainers of Austar IV, setting for her Dragon Pit trilogy; and her charming tale "One Ox, Two Ox, Three Ox, and the Dragon King."
[Cover] Twelve Impossible Things Before Breakfast: Stories
Harcourt Brace hard cover
As Fall deepens the big publishers of Young Adult fiction unveil their headline titles, and this season Harcourt Brace deserves a tip of the hat for assembling the most dazzling YA line we've seen in some time, both with their hardcover releases and their Magic Carpet imprint (helmed by Jane Yolen). Twelve Impossible Things is a fine collection of fantasy tales with unusual twists, including the story of a bridge that longs for a goat-eating troll, a mutiny among Peter Pan's band of lost boys, and a band of bewitched, baby-stealing ants.
[Cover] The Transfigured Hart
Magic Carpet paperback
Is Richard crazy, or is there really a unicorn in Five Mile Wood? Heather is inclined to believe the former. But when Richard seeks her help to save the creature from the hunters who arrive every year, the most popular girl in school finds herself in an unlikely partnership. Reprint (1975).
A Sending of Dragons
Harcourt Brace/Magic Carpet
The climax of the young adult Pit Dragon Trilogy. The dragon master Jakkin and his beloved Akki are on the run. Behind them are murderous government forces, and ahead lies only a forbidding mountain wilderness.
The Books of Great Alta
Tor Orb
Omnibus edition. White Jenna was born in sorrow, raised among warrior women, and taught to call forth her shadow sister under the light of the moon.
Harcourt Brace
The newest fantasy from the gifted author of numerous young adult (and grown-up) fantasies such as Owl Moon, The Devil's Arithmetic and The Girl Who Loved the Wind.
Xanadu 3
Anthology of intriguing stories inspired by a 70's musical staring Olivia Newton John and John Travolta... oh dear, little mix up in my notes. Here we are. An original collection of stories based on the myth of Xanadu.

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